Social Sport

The Try it, Live it, Love it programme is a great way for new students to take part in a fun and social programme.

  • No need to be sporty
  • No need to book
  • Drop in and out – no commitment needed
  • Great way to meet people
  • Just have fun

NEW ‘Learn To’ programme starting 17/18 – open to all beginners who want to learn from scratch – for more info, please click on the timetable below – activities will include:

  • Learn to Swim
  • Learn to Judo
  • Learn to Gymnastics

Here’s what our students are saying about why they enjoy the programme:

  • “The fact that you can choose what to do and you’re not forced to do things for a certain amount of weeks”
  • “The self-defence classes were really cool, a lot of people wanted to go because it was an interesting class and there was lots to learn”
  • “The social aspect is great, you can go and build a bigger friendship group within your sport. Every week you see the girls and you develop this group mentality, that’s one of the incentives seeing the same people you see week in and week out”
  • “We do different things each week so it doesn’t get repetitive and boring”

View the Timetable

For more information email Danielle Mcallister or call 0208 392 3376.

Not sure you feel sporty just yet... but still want to get involved?

Why not become an Ambassador?

We have many generic and specific sport ambassador roles that can be great fun and very good for those of you looking to beef up your CV with relevant experiences and transferrable skills. If you are interested, please drop us an email detailing why you think you might enjoy the role, and we will get back to you.