Creative and Professional Writing

Undergraduate degree 

Creative and Professional Writing

A three year study programme taught by a range of published authors, journalists, copywriters, poets and screenwriters, all dedicated to helping you become the best writer you can be.

Start Date:

September 2022


3 years, or 4 years if opting for the placement year.

Degree Type:

BA (single honours)

Entry Tariff:

Call 0300 303 8320 to find out if you are eligible for this programme in Clearing or visit our Clearing page

2022 - 112 UCAS points

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Study Abroad

This course offers the opportunity to undertake a semester abroad as part of your degree.

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Course and Module Details


This practical and versatile degree is designed for those who seek a career with writing at its heart.

Everybody on the programme is a writer and we treat our students as writers from the moment they start; academics and students come together over their shared passion for writing and all who teach you will understand the joy that you will feel when you see your first poem, article, or story appear in print.

During your three years at Roehampton you’ll work with a range of published authors, journalists, copywriters, poets and screenwriters — all here for the sole purpose of helping you become the best writer that you can be. You will be part of a lively writing community that offers readings, a writers’ society and access to London’s rich creative scene, plus workshops with industry professionals from a range of writing specialisms.

Assessment is structured in a way that allows you to build a portfolio of your work as the course progresses, building to a valuable tool for job-hunting after graduation. There are also opportunities for work placements, and to study abroad in the second year.

Through our thriving partnerships with Wimbledon Bookfest and the Barnes Children's Literature Festival there are opportunities to volunteer or undertake paid work experience during your time with us. 

At Roehampton you’ll have the opportunity to see your work in print long before graduation, because the university owns a publishing house, Fincham Press. Every year Fincham Press brings out an anthology of the best student writing, and it’s available to explore development opportunities for individual student publications. Fincham Press serves as an inspiring education and entry into the world of formal publishing. Click here to view a sample of current students' work published in May 2021, entitled All That Glitters.

Our first year provides an introduction. Freedom and variety is important. Your work will cover a range of writing styles, offering you the chance to find your field of interest . You will explore methods for developing creativity and overcoming occasional bouts of writer’s block.

In your second year, modules go deeper into areas of particular interest. Students branch out into a wider range of creative and professional fields.

The third year concludes with a Creative Dissertation which can lead to a complete manuscript which you can submit to a publisher or agent.


Here are some of the varied modules we currently offer:

Year 1

Compulsory modules 

Introduction to Creative Writing 1
Introduction to Creative Writing 2

Required modules
The Art of Persuasion: Essays and Speeches
Creative Attention: Seeing, Doing and Being

Year 2

Single honours

Compulsory Modules
Writing Contexts 2: The Process of Writing
Writing Fiction 1: Introduction to Narrative
Writing Poetry

Optional Modules
Writing Fiction 2: Advanced Narrative
Writing, Performance, Art
Writing Multicultural Britain
Children's Literature in Context
Literature and Media
Introduction to Screenwriting

Combined honours

Compulsory modules
Writing Contexts 2: The Process of Writing

Optional modules
Writing Fiction 2: Advanced Narrative
Telling True Stories
Beyond London: Writing Place
Writing, Performance, Art
Writing Multicultural Britain
Children's Literature in Context
Literature and Media
Introduction to Screenwriting

Year 3

Compulsory Modules
Writing Contexts 3: the Business of Writing

Optional Modules
Novel Writing
Creative Dissertation
Poetry and Innovative Form
Fiction and Innovative Form
Gaming and Interactive Narratives
Publishing: From Book to Internet
Visual Storytelling
Rewriting London: Text, Film, Image
Diaspora Voices
Literature and Cinema
Perspectives on Children’s Literature
Professional Screenwriting


Compulsory and Required modules
Compulsory and/or required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Above is a list of modules offered this academic year.

Optional modules
Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.

Career Options

After graduation, you will be able to use those passions and abilities to make a good living. A degree in Creative and Professional Writing is recognised as one of the best degrees that you can have in order to get ahead in many different areas.

On graduation, you’ll be ready for the workplace. Industry-facing modules such as The Business of Writing, and Professional Copywriting provide specific skill-sets for employment. All of our modules hone your writing and develop your communication skills. Creative Writing graduates go on to become journalists, copywriters, podcasters, librarians, proofreaders, teachers, marketing experts, social media specialists, and email marketers. That’s on top of those who become novelists, poets, screenwriters and playwrights. And this is a far from definitive list.


Creative and Professional Writing and English Literature [WQ83]


How to apply

Undergraduate programmes

For January and September 2022 entry, you can start your application through UCAS. We also have places for September 2021 through Clearing

If you need any help or advice with your application, or just want to ask us a question before you apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Detailed advice on applying for an undergraduate degree is available in the FAQs section below.

International (non-EU) students who do not wish to use the UCAS system can apply directly to us using our online application form. This is available to international students only.

Application process FAQs


If you are applying to us for a full-time degree or extended degree programme, you will need to apply online through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). And don’t hesitate to contact us at the same time. Either fill in an online enquiry form, or contact us at the details below!

This is the official applications service for the UK, and they will send your application details to each of the universities you have listed on your application.

When you register with UCAS, you will also receive a username and password so that you can access your application at a later date.

It is very important that you enter the correct institution code (for Roehampton this is R48) and course code for each choice. These can be found on the relevant course pages on our website.

Contact us directly if you have any questions.

Yes we will take into account the ongoing disruption and impact that Coronavirus has had on applicants when considering the results of students applying to us.

Please visit our dedicated webpages to read more.

The Roehampton UCAS institution code is R48.

Your school, college or centre will give you a buzzword so you can link your application to them. You add this word to your application when you register to make an undergraduate application.

If you are applying independently, without a school or college, you do not need a buzzword.

If you are no longer at school or college you will need to apply to university as an independent applicant. When you register with UCAS they will give you a username and password so that you can complete your application whenever you like.

You will need to complete the online application, including your personal statement and will also need to supply a reference from someone who knows you well, and is able to write about why you are suitable for higher education.

It is very important that you enter the correct institution code (for Roehampton this is R48) and course code for each choice. These can be found on the relevant course pages.

Further guidelines can be found on the UCAS website.

Contact us directly if you have any other questions about applications.

We fully intend to be able to welcome all students to join us on our campus at the start of term in September 2021. However, should students need to, we can allow late enrolment on most of our courses.

We are lucky enough to have London’s most beautiful campus, and are planning to deliver teaching in person at the start of term, but if the situation requires it, we will support you to study remotely online.

No. UCAS will issue you with a username and password which you can use to log in whenever and wherever you want to work on your application.

There is no time limit from when you start your application to when you send it, as long as you complete it within the deadlines set by UCAS and your school.

If you are a international student, you can apply direct using our online application form.

Details of support we provide for international students, and useful information about the application process, are available on our international web pages.

No, you can only send one UCAS application in each year’s application cycle, but this can include applications for up to five courses. Applying for more than one course will cost extra.

If you do not receive any offers from your initial UCAS application, you can make additional choices through UCAS Extra in the Spring term. You will be sent details of UCAS Extra if you are eligible.

If you apply to university before the 15 January deadline you should have received decisions from each of the universities you apply to by 31 March 2020. In this case, you will need to make your replies about which to accept by 5 May 2020.

If you applied after the January deadline, or one or more of your universities hasn’t made a decision on your application by the end of March, other reply dates will apply – please do contact us to find out more.

You can accept two courses – one firm choice and one insurance choice.

If you meet the requirements of your firm choice, then you will be expected to take that place, so you need to be sure that the course you have accepted firmly is the one you want to do.

If you miss the grades for your firm choice and meet the requirements for your insurance choice you will be expected to take up that place.

If you meet the terms of your firm choice and ask to be released from this, you will be entered into Clearing and cannot go to your insurance choice.

Once you have applied through UCAS you will be able to follow the progress of each of your applications by using UCAS Track.

You can also contact us directly to find out the status of your application with us.

If you apply through UCAS and we make you an offer, we will ordinarily make you one of the following types of offer:

Conditional Offers

This offer requires you to meet particular academic or other conditions before you can join the course of study you have applied for. This could be a combination of grade, scores or subjects and will be outlined in the offer communication that you receive.

Unconditional offers

An unconditional offer has no conditions attached. Unconditional offers are often made to students who already have their achieved qualification grades and who are returning to education after a gap year or a period of time in work.

If Roehampton is your firm choice, and you have not met your conditions, please check UCAS track, we may be able to show some flexibility, although this is not guaranteed.

If you have missed the conditions of your firm choice, but met the conditions of your Insurance choice. Congratualtions, you will be studying at your Insurance choice. If you miss the conditions for both your firm and Insurance choice, then UCAS will automatically enter you into Clearing.

Make sure that you are prepared for results day and any decisions you may need/want to make. Check UCAS for more advice about what happens on results day.

If you would like any advice on this, please contact us directly and we can discuss your options.

If you are applying to university from the UK or European Union (EU), irrespective of your nationality, you must submit your UCAS application before the January deadline in order for it to be guaranteed equal consideration. The deadline for the 2022 cycle is Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 18:00.

We understand that there are many reasons why you may not be able to meet this deadline. With this in mind, Roehampton will still consider applications received after the January deadline, if there are places available on the course.

The University of Roehampton welcomes the introduction of T Levels and is delighted to confirm that we will be able to accept them across the majority of our programmes. Students will be able to apply using T Levels for both three year and four year undergraduate degrees. UCAS Tariff requirements for each programme, will be made available on programme webpages.

Yes, if you accepted an offer of study at us or another University through UCAS, you have 14 days in which you can change your response, and you can do so by contacting UCAS.

If you first apply through UCAS after 30 June 2021, UCAS will not send your application to universities but will instead send you details about Clearing.

Clearing a service that is available between July and September to help people find places on higher education courses. You may be eligible for Clearing if any of the following are relevant to you:

  • you have applied this year but have not gained a place
  • you have declined your offers
  • you have not previously applied to UCAS for entry this year.

Yes, we offer a range of scholarships, alongside support on managing your finances while you are with us.

You can find more information on our financial support pages.

Yes, we have a wide range of on-campus and off-campus student residences. You will be guaranteed University accommodation if:

January 2021

You will be guaranteed University accommodation if:

  • You are a UK undergraduate or postgraduate applicant who has made us your firm choice on UCAS/accepted your place, and made an accommodation application on or before Friday 18 December 2020.
  • You are an International undergraduate or postgraduate applicant who has accepted your place, and made an accommodation application on or before Friday 18 December 2020.

September 2021 entry

You will be guaranteed University accommodation if:

  • You are a UK undergraduate or postgraduate applicant who has made us your firm choice on UCAS/accepted your place, and made an accommodation application on or before 11 June 2021.
  • You are an International undergraduate or postgraduate applicant who has accepted your place, and made an accommodation application on or before 11 June 2021.

Find out more about our accommodation and accommodation guarantee

We can support you to transfer to Roehampton from another university,  into the relevant year of study. Find out more here.

UCAS offers a number of helpful articles on the process of applying to universities. You can also find advice and guidance from the Schools and Colleges Engagement Team here.


Placement Year

This course offers all students the option to apply for a one-year paid work placement between years 2 & 3 of the course. A placement year is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience and skills within an industry or sector of choice.

In your first two years of study you will learn about industry needs and skills required to be successful in applying for a placement through a series of workshops and curriculum based sessions. You will be encouraged to develop your Personal Development Plan and CV and will be provided with access to the University's support services including Placements, Careers and Academic Guidance.

Please note, the Placements team will offer support and guidance in searching for and applying to placements, however a placement cannot be guaranteed.

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Ella Graunia Cook, a class of 2021 BA Creative Writing graduate from London, beat over 500 early-career writers to scoop the 2021 Student Football Writer of the Year award, organised by the Football Writers' Association

Read about Ella's win on the Humanities and Social Sciences news pages.

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Doing all we can to support our student's lives at Roehampton 

At Roehampton, we can offer all new students the opportunity to live in accommodation on our beautiful parkland campus, including affordable and high-end options. 

We offer scholarships, provide hardship funding and help you find advice on managing your finances while you study.

We provide plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, through volunteering, playing sport or music, or joining one of our many active student societies.