Degrees with a Foundation Year

Image -  Degrees with a Foundation Year

What is the Foundation Studies: Certificate of Higher Education?

They are one-year courses which provide foundational learning, knowledge and skills that will allow you to successfully complete your chosen degree and get the career you want.
The Foundation Studies: Certificate of Higher Education year will:
- Give you knowledge in the subject you want to study
- Build your confidence, and help you get to know your personal strengths
- Develop your ability to adapt your knowledge and skills to new situations, and to the workplace.
Once you have successfully completed the Foundation Studies year, you can move onto a nominated degree programme of your chosing that is related to your Foundation Studies: Certificate of Higher Education.
Throughout all your studies you will be given personal study and career support, in friendly community, where you will have the chance to develop your interests outside your subject of study.
The Foundation Studies: Certificates of Higher Education have a clear purpose: to prepare students who do not have the prerequisite qualifications, skills or experience for direct entry to be successful undergraduate students.
The programmes focus on providing students with a meaningful understanding of academic rigour and skill and, crucially, how to apply that understanding to their own work. The balance of subject specificity and more generalised academic skill will also enable the confidence of students to be enhanced.

Who should apply for a degree with a foundation year?

The Foundation Studies: Certificate of Higher Education at Roehampton is a great option if you don't have traditional qualifications or do not meet the requirements to go straight onto an undergraduate degree.
We welcome applications from students of all ages and backgrounds, with and without work experience. If you want to find out more, get in touch with us today.

What happens on the Foundation Studies year?

During the year, we teach over two semesters: Autumn and Spring. You will complete six modules in total, all worth 20 credits each. The modules have been designed to build your confidence and give you key skills needed to complete the degree you choose.  
In both terms, you will complete modules in:
- Academic English and study skills
- Subject-area modules
The English modules will provide you with a thorough grounding in study skills, such as how to structure an essay, to reference and how to use library resources like journals. They will also help you to develop your confidence in reading, academic writing and presentational skills. 
You will complete at least two subject specific modules related to the particular course you are on. The whole course is taught in way that can fit around your other commitments.
Once you have completed and passed these modules, you will be ready to move into the first year of your degree.

How we will support you

When you start Academic Guidance Tutor who you will see regularly and will help you develop. You will also have access to face-to-face and 24/7 online careers and study support, as well as as wellbeing support, like mental health and counselling services, if you need it. During your studies you will have access to part-time and voluntary work opportunities. 

We can guarantee a place to those that want it in our on-campus accommodation, and we have lots of support if you prefer to commute to campus.