Why study at Roehampton

• Start as a complete beginner to the language
• Spend a semester abroad during your second year, either working or studying
• Work placements available in relevant companies and organisations
• Develop a range of skills that will complement your languages and appeal to employers through our integrated Employability ePortfolio modules
• Benefit from specialised language labs equipped with the latest translation software and facilities

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A fresh approach to studying languages

Languages and Global Communication at Roehampton is an innovative language degree that will help you develop as a multilingual professional, equipping you with skills and knowledge across a range of communication-focused disciplines. Even if you are a complete beginner to your target language, you can still acquire this degree and reach a proficient level of language use. 

During the year-long foundation course, you will receive intensive language classes in English, French and/or Spanish and will acquire the basic academic study skills that will allow you to start the degree with confidence. Once you have completed the foundation year, you will progress on to the three year programme.

Global opportunities

Gain experience working or studying overseas, either at one of our partner universities in Spain, France, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Australia or USA (subject to availability), or by completing a work placement in a Spanish, French or another English-speaking country for a semester in your second year.

Innovative teaching and learning

You will learn Spanish, French or English to a proficient level through a range of disciplines and with emphasis on multimedia material.

Lectures will be supplemented with one-to-one tutorials, personal guidance meetings and extracurricular activities.

You will be assessed through assignments designed to relate to real-life situations, where you will be able to demonstrate your language, intercultural and transferable skills, moving away from traditional essays and exams.

The majority of our staff are researchers in language learning, language technology, cultural studies, film and translation, and/or have relevant professional experience outside academia. We feed our research and professional experience into the course.

A career-focused degree

Employability is at the centre of this course, with work experience and related opportunities an integral part of each year of the degree in the form of our Employability ePortfolio and Work Placement modules. This approach will prepare you for a successful career after graduation: you will gain a sound understanding of how the French, Spanish and English-speaking employment markets work while acquiring strong language and communication skills.



During the foundation year, you will take modules in English and Maths which will develop your core academic and study skills. The syllabus includes a year-long module relevant to your chosen degree subject, such as Communication and Representation Essentials. This will provide you with a subject specific knowledge in Global Languages and Communication which is essential for success in your degree.

Throughout your degree, you will develop your own identity as a linguist and intercultural communicator, preparing you for a career in our increasingly globalised world.

In your first year of study, you will take the core language and global communication modules to develop your linguistic and sociocultural proficiency in either French, Spanish or English alongside Employability ePortfolio 1, the first in a series of modules designed to help you enhance your appeal to employers as a linguist.

Your second year focuses on preparing you to make the most of your semester abroad through the core language, communication, and employability modules. With the help of your academic and personal tutor, you will decide whether to attend one of our overseas partner universities, or undertake a work placement of your choice abroad. You will also choose optional modules in areas such as such as European cinema, language teaching or global trends in TV.

In your final year, the emphasis is on preparing you to begin a career or undertake further study or research. You will take the Work Placement module alongside your core language and communication modules, as well as choosing optional modules from linguistics, journalism, and professional language specialisation.

Foundation Year

English Academic Skills 1
English Academic Skills 2
Mathematical Functional Skills Essentials
Communication and Representation: Essentials
Communication and Representation: Advanced

Year 1

Compulsory Modules
French Language 1/Spanish Language 1/English For Academic Study
Global Communication 1
Employability ePortfolio 1
Contemporary Debates in the Francophone and Spanish-speaking Worlds (French/Spanish pathways)
Meaning in Language*
Ways of Seeing (compulsory for single-language pathways only)*
Language and Society (compulsory for single-language English pathway only)*

*One of the modules can be replaced with any one of the Languages for All modules

Year 2

Compulsory Modules
French Language 2/Spanish Language 2/Advanced English Studies
Global Communication 2
Employability ePortfolio 2
Study Abroad Placement or Work Abroad Placement

Optional Modules
Language Teaching Methodology
Language in the Media
Global Trends in TV
European Cinema

Year 3

Compulsory Modules
French Language 3/Spanish Language 3/ Second Language Acquisition
Global Communication 3
Work Placement

Optional Modules
Professional Specialisation
Second Language Acquisition
Sexist Language
Forensic Linguistics
Multimedia Journalism


Compulsory and Required modules
Compulsory and/or required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Above is a list of modules offered this academic year.

Optional modules
Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.

If you are an existing student at another institution and would like to join Roehampton for your second, third, or fourth year, please contact admissions@roehampton.ac.uk, or call 020 8392 3314

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French and Spanish

Career options

Language graduates are highly valued amongst employers across all sectors including multinational companies, international organisations, and global multimedia, cultural and creative industries. Languages students have previously worked in education, international relations, and communications.




Single honours


Media, Culture and Language


4 years (full-time)

Programme start

September 2018

Tuition fees

£9,250 (2018; UK/EU)»

£13,520 (2018; International)»

Cash scholarships and bursaries available»