Applications for this course will open in September 2017

Why study at Roehampton

  • Work experience opportunities are embedded into the course to prepare students for successful careers after graduation
  • High-profile industry speakers regularly visit the university to give insightful talks.
  • Study abroad options in the second year
  • This language degree will be completed in three years rather than the traditional four.
  • Specialised language labs, equipment and translation facilities are available to students
  • Please contact us to register your interest in this programme and more information.

As a BA Languages and Global Communication student at Roehampton, you will complete your degree within three years; spend time abroad immersing yourself in the language; and gain skills and experiences valued by global employers across all industries.

This innovative language degree will teach you the multilingual skills and multicultural tools necessary for a successful career in today's globalised environment. We will help you to become a confident and capable linguist adept at working in a professional or creative industries-related environments.

A fresh approach to studying languages

Moving away from the traditional four-year literature-focused language degree model, our three-year course in  Languages and Global Communication will develop your language ability, whilst nurturing skills in communication, digital media technologies and journalism among other disciplines. Students will develop their critical thinking in both their first and subsequent languages.

The degree is designed for students who have an A level or equivalent in a language and want to build those existing language skills, whether in French, Spanish or English (as a foreign language). The course will prepare you for a career in the creative industries or professional environments that place a premium on language skills.

A career-focused degree

Benefit from a degree that is designed with your career in mind, with optional work placements and independent study, including a semester abroad to further your language studies. From the first day of your studies, you will start building your Employability Language Portfolio. This will enable you to evaluate your language development and showcase accreditations, and chart your professional development.

You will graduate with a strong set of communication and linguistic skills in multiple languages. You will become a critical thinker with international experience. You will be able to demonstrate your employability, and be able to work as a team with people from all backgrounds.
Your student experience will be enriched by the opportunities offered by London including our established links with as Instituto Cervantes, the Institute Français, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and a range of contacts with transnational companies.

You will take core language modules to develop your linguistic proficiency in either French, Spanish or English along with modules from other disciplines offered by the Department of Media, Culture and Languages, such as Journalism and Film. Flexibility across module choices will give you the chance to tailor your degree to your interests.

Each year you will have the option of undertaking a work placement to apply what you have learnt in a professional context, and gain valuable experience. You will also have the opportunity of living abroad for a semester in your second year.

If you are an existing student at another institution and would like to join Roehampton for your second, third, or fourth year, please contact admissions@roehampton.ac.uk, or call 020 8392 3314

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French and Spanish

Career options

Language graduates are highly valued amongst employers across all sectors including multinational companies, international organisations, and global multimedia, cultural and creative industries. Languages students have previously worked in education, international relations, and communications.




Single honours


Media, Culture and Language


3 years (full-time)

Programme start

September 2018

Tuition fees

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Undergraduate open day

Saturday 18 November 2017