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  • 100% of our graduates in work or further study within six months (Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education 2017 results).
  • 90% student satisfaction on this course (National Student Survey 2017 results).
  • Modern syllabus written to meet government and EU coaching standards.
  • Work placements with partners such as Fulham FC, Wimbledon Athletics Club, schools and coaching agencies.
  • An entrepreneurship module which focuses on the business side of sport coaching.


This Sports Coaching degree will prepare you for a career in the industry and equip you to work in a wide range of settings at a national and European standard. You will study the different aspects of coaching, such as anatomy, physiology and movement analysis, while also developing your own coaching practice and different coaching styles.

This extended four year degree in Sport Coaching includes a foundation year, which will give you a sound introduction to key elements needed for studying Sport Coaching at degree level. Our extended degree programmes give students a thorough and supportive academic preparation for study. The foundation year is carefully designed to build confidence in your abilities, develop essential academic and study skills, and provide the subject specific knowledge essential for success.

You will develop an appreciation of the role of the professional coach and an understanding of the qualities needed to coach effectively in different contexts, at a range of levels and with different demographic groups (e.g. young children, adolescence, the elderly, people with long term illnesses or disabilities as well as working with participants of level, from beginners to elite athletes).You will be introduced to the scientific aspects of coaching, such as anatomy, physiology and movement analysis. You will explore a range of health and fitness techniques, and will learn ways to analyse human movement. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to use our high-quality sports and exercise facilities. You will also study the pedagogical aspects of coaching including coaching styles, coaching pedagogy/practice and employability. This will ensure that you are able to communicate effectively with performers and get the very best from them.

You will also spend time learning about the other ways in which a coach can support a performer inside and outside of the sport so that they are able to achieve to the highest standard. You will leave the course with a broad a skill set that can be applied to different coaching and teaching situations.

All students on this course engage in coaching opportunities in the University, local authorities, clubs and schools. This will allow you to put into practice the skills and knowledge that you have developed over the course of your studies. Previous students have completed placements at Fulham FC and Wimbledon Athletics Club.

The government and the sporting community aspire to transform coaching into a graduate profession and to make the United Kingdom into the leader in coaching and coach education by 2020. This course is part of making that a reality. If you study this degree you will develop appreciation of the role of the professional coach and an understanding of the qualities needed to coach effectively at a range of levels and with different performers.

During the foundation year, you will take modules in English and Maths which will develop your core academic and study skills. The syllabus includes two modules relevant to your chosen degree, Transitioning into Sports Coaching and Transforming Lives through Sports Coaching and Physical Activity. They will provide you with a subject specific knowledge in Sport Coaching which is essential for success in your degree.

During your first year, you will develop the skills and knowledge that will enable you to create coaching programmes. You will get a deeper understanding of the current structure of the sports industry in the UK, as well as the government's policy towards sport and how this impacts the sports environment. You will examine how children learn and how their sporting skills develop as get older. Understanding physiological systems is key to the study of physical activity, you will be introduced to a number of them, which will allow you to monitor, analyse, diagnose and prescribe action to enhance the learning within physical activity. In addition you will complete a module that will introduce you to a number of different coaching environments which will help you to identify an area of coaching that may be of interest to you for future employment.

In your second year you will be introduced to the core approaches to research and scientific enquiry, and how this can be reflected in your own coaching practice. You will learn how to support participants inside and outside of sport, recognising that they require life skills in addition to sport specific skills. You will apply your knowledge to a range of different sporting contexts and will develop an understanding of different models and systems for coaching. You will also be introduced to qualitative and quantitative analysis of human movement and you will have the option to take modules in Active Health Promotion or An Introduction to Physical Education.

In your final year you will take the theoretical and practical knowledge you have developed and apply it to your own 'work-based' context. An entrepreneurship module will give you an introduction on how to establish a self-employed status within the world of sport coaching and you will be introduced to theoretical and practical considerations in psychology and the social psychology of sport. You will study the coaching process, concepts, principles and approaches to coaching different activities and different groups of performers from a range of sporting areas. You will build upon the knowledge and abilities acquired through your studies and prepare for future research by encouraging the pursuit of a high level of educational enquiry under the guidance of an expert supervisor.

On completion of this degree you could undertake graduate role in sport development, management, entrepreneurship, sports marketing, retail, recruitment, sales.

In addition to coaching sports, our graduates go on to work in health and physical education with different demographics groups from young children to the elderly, and in formal and informal setting in schools, afterschool and play locations.

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