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University Mental Health Day: There is an “I” in “Community”

by Liona Elliott, 28 February, 2018

Author pic of Liona for blog

We all know that studying for a degree can be incredibly difficult. The pressures of deadlines and exams, combined with the constant underlying uncertainty about the future, can have you feeling like your mind is literally being pulled in opposite directions. Read more...

Is there ROOM Outside? Emma Donoghue at Roehampton

by Idman Omar, 8 January, 2018

Emma Donoghue visited the University on 22nd November 2017 and read extracts from her bestselling novel, and held a question and answer session for #RoeReads.  Read More...

Things to do on campus for free (or cheap)!

by Corinna Miller, 15 November, 2017

Not everyone on campus is going to have the money (or the stomach) to go out drinking every night.  But fear not!  We have compiled a list of amazing events you can go to that are either super cheap or completely free.  Read More...

Best Bonfire Night Fireworks

by Corinna Miller, 1 November 2017

Remember, remember the 5th of November!  Trying to figure out the best view for Bonfire Night?  Grab your drinks and hit one of these amazing Bonfire Night fireworks displays. Read More...

Roehampton's Top 10 Favourite Halloween Films

by Corinna Miller, 25 October 2017

THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN! I went around asking you guys what your favorite Halloween films were (horror or not) and complied the results.  Break out the candy and start the marathon!  Read More...

My First Year of University as a Mature Student: Hello Roe

by Chloe Joseph, 11 October, 2017

 I can remember my first day at University, which was Induction Week for the Psychology students.  The first week was really informative and so helpful for a new student like me.  Read More...

Society Spotlight: Hindu Society

by Nikisha Galoria, 4 October, 2017

The President of Hindu Society for the University of Roehampton tells us about her experiences and events planned for the society this year.  Read More...


Being the Wimbledon Bookfest Intern

by Sydney James, 28 September 2017

Wimbledon Bookfest Intern Sydney James talks about her time working at the bookfest, and how we can get involved.  Read More...


Five things you didn't know you needed in Halls

21 September, 2017

Extension cord? Check.  Acceptance letter?  Check.  Your favourite blanket or stuffed animal?  Check.  The Uni provides a list of things you need to bring before you head nto Roehampton, but these are the list of five things that may not seem all that obvious to bring, until you find yourself wishing you had them! Read More...

Welcome Week Tips

by Cheyan Heer, 18 September, 2017

Roehampton's Welcome Week is designed to help you adapt to your new lifestyle, during the early stages of university life!  Here are some useful tips to manoeuvre around the Student Portal.  Read More...


A Fresher's Guide to the Area

by Jennie Waelands, 15 September, 2017

Moving to university can already be a daunting enough experience, let alone getting to grips with a completely new neighbourhood.  Here is a head start guide to your new home for the next three years.  Read More...


Eating Healthy at Roehampton

by Antonia Ungless, 13 September, 2017

I have always struggled to stay fit and healthy but, like many other fresher’s out there, joining Roehampton next month will give me the ideal opportunity to start afresh. Read More...


What I’m most looking forward to at Roehampton

by Made Cardenas Ballestros, 30 August, 2017

I want to experience everything that Roehampton and London offers me.  The last thing I want is to go home feeling like I didn’t used my time in the city to the fullest.  So here are a few things I am looking forward to when I come to Uni in September. Read More...


How to spend your break productively without breaking the bank

by Aleksandra Ingielewicz, 25 August, 2017

Our next student loan isn’t coming again for a few weeks, so summer holidays for students usually means working to make extra cash. So, what can we do during our time off to spend our breaks more productively? Read more...


Preparing to move off campus

by Cheyan Kaur, 16 May 2017

Cheyan-HeerAs the end of the academic year approaches, it is time to begin your search for new accommodation, that is, if you haven’t already started.



How to fight 'Fake News': The power of the media and censorship

by Greta Ruffino, 2 May 2017

In the current world, governments seem to be concentrating power in their hands. This has gone along with attacks on freedom of expression. Rachael Jolley, editor of Index on Censorship, offered Roehampton students some key thoughts on censorship, freedom of expression and good journalism.


Top 10 Revision and Assignment Tips

by Nikhil Patel, 18 April 2017


It’s nearly that time of the year where the library is at full capacity with deadlines and exams looming; my top tips should enable all of you to get through this crucial period at university. Let’s get started.


Top 5 places to take visiting friends and family in spring

by Leanna Coleman, 20 March 2017

Spring is officially here, which means it begins to become realistic to start spending some time outside! London is especially nice in the sun, and this might be the time when you have friends and family visiting you.


Girl Talk

by Vania Caetano Ascensao, 6 March 2017

Vania Caetano AscensaoThe Magazine Production class of 2017 were given the opportunity to pay a visit to the Immediate Media Company office in London, publishers of youth magazine Girl Talk, to gain a look into how the magazine industry works.


Best tips for presenting your research at a conference

by Francesca Miles, 20 February 2017

Francesca MilesDo you have to present your research but you're nervous about speaking in front of so many people? Even at undergraduate level, you have to give presentations on your work. I hope my tips will help you grow your own skills in this area.


Top 5 Anti-Procrastination and Study Tips

by Gordon Voogt, 7 February 2017

With independent study week not far away, and exams following hot on its heels (I know, already!), I thought I might be able to help with some top tips for getting the most out of your valuable study time.


How to deal with a difficult flatmate

by Cheyan Kaur, 23 January 2017

Cheyan-HeerLiving with your own family, partners and friends can occasionally be difficult, so living in a completely new location and with a practical stranger is bound to have its issues!

Top tips for getting a job at university

by Frances Blakeman-Buchan, 9 January 2017

I know what you are thinking, would I be able to manage working and studying, and still have time for myself?


Writing a letter to your future self

by Alicia Farrent, 12 December 2016

On our first day our lecturer Lis Austin asked us all to write a letter to ourselves, which she would then give back to us at Graduation. It felt odd to be writing a letter to myself, and it took me a few minutes to figure out what I would say. Anyway, here is what I wrote...


Healthy on a Budget

by Amy Puddephatt, 28 November 2016

Amy-PuddephattYou can often find big gym membership discounts if you choose deals only including what you want. Alternatively, you could give Roehampton Sport and Fitness Centre a go.


Smart Money Management

by Agata Gruszecka, 14 November 2016

Agata GruszeckaMoney isn't everything, but to get everything you need, money is essential. Everybody agrees, no matter where you are, money is important. However, as a student, is it actually possible to earn and save some cash? Yes, it is!


Top tips for living off campus and still making the best of university

by Julia Di Mambro, 21 March 2016, reposted 31 October 2016

Julia-Di-Mambro-profile“Omg I can’t wait for uni – I’m so ready to leave the place I grew up” said almost every student ever.


How to deal with being homesick

by Cheyan Heer, 17 October 2016

Cheyan-Heer-200When you move to a new location or start a new lifestyle you might start to feel homesick. Homesickness might make you feel constantly moody, bored or lonely. You might lack motivation without realising why. It is not until you visit home, or speak to a loved one, that all of a sudden you feel a thousand times better!


How to make friends

by Agata Gruszecka, 4 October 2016

Agata-profile-200None of us are a desert island and we all need friends and someone to talk to. Nevertheless, some of us feel lonely, nervous and awkward at the university. Do we? If you have similar experiences, you're in the majority of students!


Where to get the essentials near campus

by Megan Griffiths, 19 September 2016

MeganGriffiths-200Moving to a new area can be daunting; and moving to London to study at university isn’t any different. However, knowing where to find the essentials can really help the process.


The Essential Guide to Packing for University

by Daniel Drakeford, 5 September 2016

Daniel-Drakeford-profile The countdown until your new life at University begins. If you haven't started already, it's probably worth thinking about the more logistical steps of starting your new life.


Preparing for University

by Olivia Mounsor and Leanna Coleman, 22 August 2016

Olivia+Leanna-profile-200Two students, one returning for their second year, and the other starting in September, give their different perspectives on what it's like preparing to go to university for the first time.


Landing my Dream Job for the World Wildlife Fund to protect the Bonobo

by Lara Stone, 08 August 2016

Lara-stone-monkeys-200“So you want to work in a zoo, right?” I’m sure that this is a question that all young budding zoologists hear. Zoology is so much more than that.


The top skills university life teaches you

by Daniel Drakeford, 25 July 2016

Daniel-Drakeford-profile (Im)patiently waiting for my graduation day at Royal Festival Hall, reflecting on just where the past three years have gone, I’ve obviously learnt a lot about what I came here to study; it turns out I’ve also picked up some pretty useful practical skills – and some I hadn’t even realised even were a skill until I put them to use in the big, bad, working world.


Dancing with Akram Khan in the Big Dance

by Daniel Walsh, 11 July 2016

Daniel-walsh-profileThis year was such an exciting event, because it not only encourages everyone to dance, but world renowned choreographer, Akram Khan created the dance with our Department of Dance at Roehampton.


The Essential Binge-Watching Student Guide... continued

by Amy Puddephatt, 27 June 2016

Amy-PuddephattThe term has finished, and summer is predictably stumbling over its entrance into 2016, so what better way to spend those glorious empty (rainy) hours, than by filling them with all the series you missed out on over the past few months of intense studying (right?).


Experimenting in Paradise

by Alejandra Toledo, 14 June 2016

Toledo-ProfileDuring fieldwork, we visit and camp on uninhabited Caribbean islands. It is a paradise full of thousands of birds, of beautifully coloured waters and breath-taking sunsets...


"So, I'll be on TV?"

by Joe Ridley, 31 May 2016

Joe-Ridley-200This story – as many stories sadly do – begins with Nigel Farage.


Joining the press team at Barnes Children's Literature Festival

by Sagal Mohammed, 20 May 2016

Sagal-profile-200The prospect of working with the people responsible for some of my favourite articles was enough for me to postpone my end of degree celebration plans and dedicate my first weekend of study-free life to writing articles about award-winning children’s authors.


Getting prepped for the Summer Ball

by Amy Puddephatt 16 May 2016

Summer-Ball-200 Get ready for the biggest event of the summer with our guide to prepping for the Summer Ball.


To Europe, from Roey

by Amy Puddephatt, 3 May 2016

Amy-PuddephattLove to travel? Want to escape the uni stress? Need an excuse to procrastinate? Well here are affordable mini-breaks for less than £200, easily accessible from Roehampton.


Getting prepared for the competitive world of work

by Fanni Suto, 04 April 2016

Fanni-profileDuring the summer I participated in an internship project with the Battersea Art Centre (BAC). This is the experience I’d like to share with you now.


Top tips for living off campus and still making the best of university

by Julia Di Mambro, 21 March 2016, reposted 31 October 2016

Julia-Di-Mambro-profile“Omg I can’t wait for uni – I’m so ready to leave the place I grew up” said almost every student ever.


Thinking about Dance is like Bungee Jumping

by Mei Qi Elizabeth Chan, 7 March 2016

Mei_Qi_profileI’ve joined the Dance Society and have been learning how to hip-hop which is completely different from my previous experience in Chinese Dance, but so much fun.


The Essential Binge-watching Student Guide

by Daniel Drakeford, 22 February 2016

Daniel-Drakeford-profileThere is something I’ve realised has become intrinsic to the epitome of student life, no matter who you are or where you’ve come from: TV Binge-watching.


From Roehampton to Burma: How I found my dream career

by Isabel Todd, 8 February 2016

Isobel-Todd-ProfileDetermined to find work that I am passionate about, my goal was to find a career in the United Nations.


A student guide to eating out on a budget

by Nikhil Patel, 25 January 2016

Nikhil PatelRecent figures have shown that over 1/10 of the students who attend university do not cook their own food and an average student spends £925 on takeaways every year. Wait, who cares about these statistics anyway, let me get straight to the point.


Tough choices and personal sacrifice ... just a few topics in my new role-playing game

by Tova Naslund, 11 January 2016

Tova NaslundI've always loved telling stories and that's part of the reason why I chose to study Creative Writing at Roehampton. I'm also a massive fan of role-playing games (RPGs) and as of December 2015, I got to combine my passion for both when I was given the chance to work with Pelgrane Press on their anthology of table-top roleplaying games.


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Is there ROOM Outside? Emma Donoghue at Roehampton
Idman Omar, 8 Jan 2018

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