Finding my style

by Minna Triin Kohv
20 March 2015

Minna Triin Kohv

Hi there! My name’s Minna Triin Kohv and I’m in my final year of Drama,Theatre and Performance Studies at Roehampton. My degree is starting to come to a close and the all important, dissertation is looming. I’ve decided to draw on some of the contemporary performances I’ve worked on and explore the themes of risk and failure in theatre for my paper.

I’ve been really inspired by the performance company GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN who have delivered seminars and guest lectures to our class. Through this, I had the chance to work with them at Spill Festival on a really fun remake of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. This involved me turning a cardboard fan around my two fingers for an hour, trying to sing professionally while imitating Pina Bausch's Cafe Müller and doing a very repetitive dance routine! You can check it out here: https://vimeo.com/110660891

Minna fan spinning

My fan spinning and singing paid off and I was chosen by the company Director, Hester Chillingworth, to take part in their production 10 Downing Street. My character? Phoebe. A cleaner, photographer, lottery winner come horse and art mover! A challenging role to say the least but I’m really grateful to get the opportunity to do it. The play is a political satire of Ms. Weinmayr meeting PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha in 10 Downing Street as she had learned that two of her works had been chosen to decorate this famous apartment. It’s inspired by real events and plays out a conversation she was previously refused by the powerful couple.

Both productions have helped me to develop as a performer. Once I graduate I’d like to experiment more with this style in the London performance scene and really grow as an artist. Who knows what the future might hold!

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