Thinking like a Writer

by Tayla Grace Brown
19 February 2015

Hello again! A thought that has been in my mind recently is "I can’t believe how fast my first year of university is going." It feels like only yesterday that I was transferring a car load of my stuff into my new room and getting involved in the fresher’s week antics, now I'm well into my second term. Although time seems as if it is passing by at a rapid speed, I’ve already managed to read four books from my reading list this year (and it’s only February!) I'm definitely enjoying the texts so far in the spring section of the module 'Introduction to Literary Studies.' We are currently delving into the issues of voice and identity and what it means to be unique. In particular, we are exploring the major theme of creation.


This term’s reading list spans from the ideas of monstrous creation, like that from Shelley's Frankenstein, and Shakespeare's The Tempest to clones in Kazuo's Never Let Me Go (some of you may have seen the film adaption starring Kiera Knightly…) Though, one of my most loved text so far has been Beowulf. This is mainly because it inspired a few parts of my favourite books/films of all time, The Lord of the Rings! Also, there is nothing more rewarding than reading old English literature and being able to really understand it, as well getting an in depth insight into the historical time period (namely, the Iron Age.) Being given a variety of texts to look at is extremely advantageous, as you’re almost guaranteed that there will be at least one you’ll enjoy so much that you will want to write about in your termly essay.

Froebel in snow

On another note, I was delighted to see Roehampton covered with a dusting of snow earlier this month. Being a Froebel college girl, we are very lucky down here to live on such a beautiful part of the campus and seeing Grove House and its surroundings glistening in a thin sheet of snow was a picture I won’t forget.

#WeAreUR - Discover Roehampton


Is there ROOM Outside? Emma Donoghue at Roehampton
Idman Omar, 8 Jan 2018

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