Getting on with Business

by Gordon Voogt
13 November 2014

Gordon Voogt

So the last you heard from me I was about to embark on the enterprise module where we get to set up our own business. Well things are really taking off on that part so I thought I'd share my plans.

I'm working with three other students (well I guess I should call them colleagues now) on some mobile and tablet app ideas. We are going to develop a number of apps under the umbrella name Forbearance Applications Development. FAD - sounds proper doesn't it? So what does FAD do? In a nutshell we'll offer app development services to businesses who think they will benefit from the extra digital exposure.

We're currently in talks with a dance studio based in the USA who are looking to create an app with all the latest trending dance videos as well as useful things for their clients such as a shop. We are also thinking about developing our own apps that the general public could use. Ideas are at the early stage, but we are considering an 'item finder' app. This would work by searching a key word such as 'bike' and it will tell you there's a Halfords 3 miles down the road [disclaimer: other retailers are available :-) ].

In other FAD news, we have been busy setting up our website and I thought I'd show you an exclusive sneak peek (see the picture below). FAD won't just be about apps. We have BIG plans. We want to offer businesses creative solutions such as video editing. The good news is I have already secured a client for this.

FAD website

The FAD website

My FAD role is coming up with creative ideas and managing customer relations – I just need to think of an official job title for myself now.

So with lecturers, essays, setting up our business, laser tag society and squeezing in a bop or two, things have been pretty busy around here but it's so cool to say I have my own business AND my first client… move over Mr Zuckerberg!

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