Getting prepped for the Summer Ball

by Amy Puddephatt
16 May 2016

With only a week to go, it’s time to get preened and prepped for the biggest and best Summer Ball to date with this handy little checklist.
Keep your ticket safe
Amongst the mountain of revision notes it is easy to lose your all-important ticket. Pin it to your notice board and keep Saturday 21st May free (and you should probably keep Sunday free too). Also, remember your student ID and if you have a guest make sure they attend with you. This is the event of the year and you don’t want to miss out because you can’t remember where you put your ticket.
Plan your outfit
Whilst daytime casual is good for the afternoon part where you'll be spinning around in the waltzers and bumping into friends on the dodgems, for the evening you must be suited and booted.
My top tips for the girls are knee-length dresses with flats or block heels – remember the Ball is on Froebel lawn so you don’t want your heels getting stuck in the grass. And for the lads, a smart shirt and trousers will do the trick.
Keep an eye out for high street sales online to pick up something glam that won’t cost you a month’s food shopping.
Look up the bands
Check out the full line-up (and slick Summer Ball website - nice one RSU) here to know where you need to be and when to make sure you are front row for your favourite acts. Also, I’ve been making Spotify playlists full of the all the bands' latest tunes to get me in the mood in the lead up.
Set cash aside
There will be loads of food and drink stalls available at the Ball to help you power through. Drink wristbands do cost a bit but five non-alcoholic drinks for £7.50, or five alcoholic drinks for £15 sounds like a good deal to me. This year RSU have introduced a new Ice Bar which I’ll be sure to check out in the evening, and of course there’s the classic Hog Roast - yum!
Last, but no means least: Get your squad together
What’s a party without your squad? The finishing touch to your prep is deciding who you will go to the Ball with. After all, Summer Ball is not complete without your friends to share it with.
If you follow these few steps, you have the makings of a fantastic summer ball.
Have a great time everyone and celebrate the end of a great year and all your hard work. See you in the ice bar.


Success is 90% preparation and 10% perspiration. I can tell you that the Summer
Ball will cause way more than 10% perspiration, but if you want to end up like these
guys and make it to 5am, best be prepared!

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