Getting stuck in!

by Joshua Gill
10 October 2014

Third Row company directors

Third Row company directors

The best part of University life is getting involved and seizing every opportunity.

I am now in my final year studying Dance Studies with a timetable that’s choco-block with classes in Choreography, Performance and Repertoire, Technique classes and theory based modules. However it doesn’t stop there. I’m also the Artistic Director for our third year dance company, Third Row. We work with new choreographers outside the University to create pieces we can take on tour. It’s demanding but it should lead into what I want to do when I graduate which is amazing!

But there’s more... I’m also the Co-Director of Roehampton Dance Society who offer classes for every student at the University including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Latin, Contemporary, Stretch and more.

Yes, I have had many friends tell me that I’ve taken on too much this year, but personally, if I’m not constantly busy I get bored. Right through my first and second year I got involved in as much as possible and don’t regret a second of it. If there was an audition, I was there, If there was a show on campus, I was in it. Getting involved in every opportunity was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Third Row class

Third Row class

As a result, I’ve got to work with amazing choreographers such as Suse Tietjen. Suse was a MA Choreography student and together we created one of the best pieces I’ve ever been involved in. The piece was called ‘Brother Of Sleep’ and with such success we were able to have it debuted at one of the biggest contemporary dance festivals, Resolution!, at The Place.

The whole night was incredible, I got to meet exceptional dancers and perform on a professional stage. It made everything worthwhile and the feeling was indescribable. Suse’s next creation, Hidden Leave, will also be showing at Resolution! and I can’t wait.

Suse Tietjen's Hidden Leaves

Suse Tietjen's Hidden Leaves

To wrap it all up, make yourself busy! It will be hard, you’ll be tired and have no idea why you are pushing yourself so much, but trust me in the end everything works out - you will thank yourself for all the effort you put in!

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