Girl Talk

by Vania Caetano Ascensao
6 March 2017

The Magazine Production class of 2017 were given the opportunity to pay a visit to the Immediate Media Company office in London to gain a look into how the magazine industry works.

Kelly Wilks, the Acting Editor of Girl Talk magazine, passed on key information for making a successful magazine and taking it ‘from idea to page’.

Here are some of the things the experience taught us:Girl Talk offices at Immediate Media Co.

1. Keep the audience happy

When writing for younger readers, such as in the case of Girl Talk, your audience is not only the children. Parents want to know that while entertaining, the content you provide is also age-appropriate. Kelly Wilks gave an example in that many parents do not like the word “fart” and that it is avoided in the magazine to keep parents happy.

2. You can’t please everyone, but you can please the majority

It is important to know your audience’s likes and dislikes. Focus groups help determine what your readers want, and while many may like a certain idea or gift, others in the group may disagree. Feedback will help you know exactly what the majority of your audience wants.

3. Social Media is a great tool

Girl Talk faces a challenge with social media as their readers are between the ages of 9-11 and are too young for their own Facebook and Instagram accounts. They've tackled this by using those platforms to address the parents while using the children’s app PopJam to communicate with the children and learn their preferences for future magazine content.

4. Stand out

Your finished magazine should stand out on the shelf. It may end up hiding behind other magazines with only a third of the cover visible, so make that third highlight key reasons why your magazine deserves to be read.

5. Teamwork is key

Walking through Immediate Media’s offices gave us the chance to see everyone working together to get their magazines out there. From those doing the writing to those designing the cover, the team is what makes the magazine great.

My team and I were glad to have been granted with the chance to take a look behind the scenes of Girl Talk and use this experience to improve upon our own projects.Magazine Production class at Immediate Media

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