Healthy on a Budget

by Amy Puddephatt
28 November 2016

We all know that being healthy is important, however, this often loses out to other priorities, money being one! Read on for tips on how to be healthy AND save money.

Gym Discounts

You can often find big gym membership discounts if you choose deals only including what you want. For a membership including gym facilities and classes, our very own ROEActive offers a 12 month membership for only £140 (£100 if bought during Fresher's week). That's a bargain if you ask me.

Alternatively, you could give Roehampton Sport and Fitness Centre a go. As a student you'll receive discounted all-inclusive access to gym facilities at any DC Leisure-operated centre in Wandsworth, five one-to-one sessions with an instructor, workout classes, swimming and health suite use. Steam room anyone?


A recent survey found that whilst 79% of UK students make an effort to eat healthy with 74% cooking a meal from scratch each week, monetary constraints experienced by students led to 57% of them changing their diets. Yet healthy, home-cooked meals can be cheap (I promise). Take a look at a few tips from some UR students:

  • Bulk cook. At the start of term cook several servings of say a chilli or curry and freeze them – when deadlines are looming you'll thank yourself for you're prepared tasty meals.
  • Cook with a friend. Not everyone will (or can) do this but if you and your friend have similar schedules and appetites, share meals. It will reduce cost and portion size.
  • Follow a blog. Whether it's Pinterest, a recipe website such as BBC GoodFood or a blog you stumble upon, there are creative, cheap and healthy dishes out there - you just need to look. A personal fav of mine is stronglikemycoffee.com as it has a range of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle tips from a girl who understands students' needs.
  • Minimise alcohol (and choose smart when you do drink). Alcohol has a really high caloric value with no nutritional benefit so it is best to minimise how much and often you drink. When you do indulge in a tipple try lower-calorie spirits like gin, vodka or mocktails. I like Las Iguanas or for somewhere more local there's The Toy Shop (Happy Hour 5-8pm Sunday to Friday) in Putney and you never know you might bump in to the guys and gals from Made in Chelsea!

BBC Good Food

Free Runs

Current guidelines recommend adults should have at least 150 minutes moderate aerobic exercise per week and strength training two days or more. Finding just 30 minutes five days each week could reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and give you energy for the day.

Plot a routeRunning can be a fun way to keep healthy and with Richmond Park on our doorstep there are no excuses, plus you get to take in stunning views too. 5k routes can be easily done through the park, whilst the more experienced runners could do a 10k up to Hammersmith Bridge and along the Thames. Also keep an eye on races throughout London and our annual 5k/10k charity run for Regenerate if you want to bring a little competition into your run. The NHS website also offers a range of activities to keep fit.

"360-Degree" Fitness

The extensive availability of apps and interactive trainers has allowed people to see the impact of everyday activities and track our nutrition. Free training apps such as Couch to 5k Runner supports all abilities to improve their fitness (consult a doctor if you have concerns before use). For the fitness enthusiasts small gadgets such as FitBit or Bounts can also be handy motivation tools.

Join a Team

Sport Roehampton offer 20 different sports clubs ranging from £30 to £120 for one-year membership and opportunities to just play for fun or compete. Keep an eye-out for new sports at Fresher's Fair or join one or more clubs during the year.

Sport Roehampton

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