How Sport Roehampton transformed my university experience

by Jack Bidmead
2 April 2015

Jack on the parallel bars

Roehampton will always be a very important place to me. I had an incredible time as Gymnastics Captain in Sport Roehampton while I was studying my BA English Language and Linguistics course. It expanded my whole university experience.

As someone who is not particularly athletic, to be accepted into the sports community at university was absolutely amazing and unexpected. I felt a part of Sport Roehampton right from the start. They always gave students the chance to take part in sports even if they were not medal winners or if they hadn’t ran a metre in their life. Thanks to them I had the chance to follow my passion and set up my own gymnastics club.

Although it was a rewarding experience, balancing my university studies and the gymnastics was not easy, especially when it came to third year. It required a lot of work but luckily my course leaders, the gymnastics club, and Sport Roehampton were all very understanding. I absolutely loved all aspects of the club, from the organisation to the competitions. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to put the effort in.

Studying an ever expanding subject like Linguistics was both exciting and challenging, since I was learning new theories and hearing about the latest research studies, often taught by the researchers themselves! It was a real accomplishment for me to complete my course while also driving my gymnastics team forward to compete with other universities from all over the country. It’s a memory that I will keep forever.

Jack and friends

I am very proud of everything I managed to do at Roehampton and the friends I made (both from Roehampton and across the country). The skills I learnt and the experiences I had would not have been possible if not for the hard work and help from everyone at Sport Roehampton. It’s given me lots of valuable things to add to my CV, and it’s definitely given me the edge to be successful in anything I set my mind to in the future.

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Idman Omar, 8 Jan 2018

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