How to deal with being homesick

by Cheyan Heer
17 October 2016

When you move to a new location or start a new lifestyle you might start to feel homesick. Homesickness might make you feel constantly moody, bored or lonely. You might lack motivation without realising why. It is not until you visit home, or speak to a loved one, that all of a sudden you feel a thousand times better!


What makes us miss home? It might be a partner? Family? Friends? Or just being in an unfamiliar environment? Or it could be the simple things like food, or not having your mum around to do the little things like washing clothes, doing the dishes and cleaning up after you!

Reflecting back to my own experiences, I missed everything about home, the people, the smell of my home, the location. I never thought I would miss Birmingham but what can I say, there truly is no place like home. My coping method was to pack a bag and jump on the next train back to Birmingham. I did not think twice; I knew when it was time to come home.

The downfall here is that not everyone can just make a quick exit for the weekend, and it may be especially difficult for international students. Other commitments may arise such as your job, lectures and let’s not forget our group work commitments.

I strongly advise that you keep busy, so busy that you do not have time to sit and mope. Join the gym, maybe start swimming, invest your free time in new hobbies. Go out and socialise. Make your own life happy and surround yourself with positive people with similar interests. Don’t forget you have the benefit of studying in London, so explore London and all it has to offer to the fullest! Find a job which you will enjoy and check out upcoming Roehampton events! You could also potentially consider decorating your accommodation, which may make you feel more relaxed and at home.


By doing some of these things, you will gradually settle in and Roehampton will start to feel like home.

Remember, many people studying at Roehampton have been through the same thing as you, so talk to your friends and fellow students about their experience, and how they adjusted to life at university. There is also lots of fantastic support, and staff on hand to talk to should you feel the need. Strive towards making a healthy balanced lifestyle, as it is your responsibility to take care of yourself now.

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