How to make friends

by Agata Gruszecka
4 October 2016


The Freshers Week has gone and now there is time to start your academic year for real. None of us are a desert island and we all need friends and someone to talk to. Nevertheless, some of us feel lonely, nervous and awkward at the university. Do we? If you have similar experiences, you're in the majority of students! Moreover, some of them just put on a brave face, acting like they are not in the same situation.

Fortunately, a new academic year has begun and it’s a chance to get involved in university and social life!

Lucky you, it is time to spread your wings!

There is no more time for hesitating to talk to people. Trust me! All of them are more than open for the conversation with you. Everybody, as much as you, wants to meet new friends at uni and everybody wants to socialise. Today, make an experiment and go over to a potential ‘uni-stranger’ and start to chat. Why is it something that is bothering us so much? The university is a new beginning, so that behaviour is appropriate.

The school system taught us that getting good grades at the cost of long hours spent in the library is the essence of education. Going to university and still thinking  in this way is a signal that we are likely to miss out on a lot of activities, chances and opportunities which the uni wants  to offer us.

Effective study is necessary, but more than that, university is a key to open the door to real knowledge. Critical and independent thinking, analysing, problem solving and soft skills development are the key features said to be of great importance these days in the employment market place. The University of Roehampton creates a lot of opportunities for you to gain these skills outside  class and meet new, valuable people.

The Career Centre situated in the library on the 1st floor is a starting point to meet people who will motivate and help you to spread your wings. It is a place to find the workshops, events, part-time work, internship or volunteering to develop your skills and career plans, and also meet inspiring, like minded people. Catch the link!

The ability to find the balance between your social, academic, professional and personal life is very important. How much time do we invest into destructive and unproductive activities? We love to socialise! Start to think strategically and join one of the Roehampton Societies or Sport Clubs where cultivating a positive friendship is a necessity! Today visit our Roehampton Student Union webpage and get involved.


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