Mizen to Malin in 15 days

by Casey Higgins-King
21 September 2015

Casey Higgins King

Hi! My name is Casey Higgins-King and I am a Roehampton Zoology graduate and on the 10th of September I started the longest walk of my life. This walk will see me travel 543km over 15 days, from Mizen Head to Malin Head, Ireland (that’s over 716,000 steps!). I have never done anything like this before, and I can already feel the blisters forming, my legs aching and my emotions yo-yoing. But I am ready to meet these challenges, and to prove to myself, and to others, that I can overcome adversity, before I set off on the trip of a lifetime. 

I am doing this walk to help fund a three month trip to Zimbabwe where I will volunteer with Progressio ICS. I will be putting my passion and knowledge for sustainability to good use, and over the three months I will be: 

  • Working on agricultural projects that create sustainable farming techniques and increase access to food markets.
  • Educating people about HIV, especially those vulnerable to it, such as those with disabilities.
  • Promoting the voices of the poor and marginalised, especially women, in order to increase the responsiveness of governments towards these groups.

The Zoology course at Roehampton taught me a lot about the biology of animals, as well as biology in the wider sense and conservation management. I also learnt a lot about sustainable living, which I am passionate about, so I want to share that knowledge with people that could really benefit from it. 

This experience wouldn’t be possible without the International Citizen Service, which is a UK government funded development programme that is open to 18-25 year olds from all backgrounds to help fight poverty, both at home in the UK and overseas. I applied to the programme and had to go through a selection process to ensure that the programme was right for me. Once it had been confirmed that I had a place on the programme, I attended a training course where we learnt more about international development and the placement that I would be going on. 

As the programme is funded by the government, there is no cost to volunteers, however you are asked to raise at least £800. This money supports the programme, and helps to ensure that ICS can continue to train young people and provide them with life skills. 

If you would like to stay up to date on my journey, please visit my Facebook page.

For more information on ICS, or to get involved please visit their website. I would highly recommend it, the experience so far has been amazing, bring on Zimbabwe!!

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