My Course and Aspirations

by Maddie Lukes
22 January 2015


When I was eight, my Dad was posted to Cyprus through his job in the Army, and that started my love of the classical world. The school day there finished at 1pm, and so our afternoons were spent exploring ancient ruins, visiting museums and diving off the side of our boat to search for ancient artefacts buried in the sand. I was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, and would spend hours curled up with various historical text books.

When I started secondary school I discovered that my love of the Romans emphatically did NOT extend to their language. We were required to study Latin for three years before starting our GCSE courses, but luckily I performed so appallingly in my first end of year exam (8%), I was excused the next two years of Latin and put onto the ‘alternative’ course- Classics. It was perfect!


I chose Roehampton because of the many Art History modules it offered as part of the Classical Civilisations course. My favourite module so far has got to be the trip we took to Rome in September 2013. We spent a week exploring the ancient city and surrounding area, looking at the art and architecture and sampling the local wine.

I’m still relatively unsure about what I want to do with my degree when I graduate. I’ve enjoyed seeing my interests change as I’ve grown older, and I’m sure they’ll change again and again before I eventually land my dream job. As much as I love my course though, I feel the skills I’ve gained outside the lecture hall are equally valuable. In today’s competitive job market, it seems pointless to walk into an interview with ‘just’ a degree. You need to have as many interests and skills on your CV as possible, but luckily Roehampton has been the perfect place for this!


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Is there ROOM Outside? Emma Donoghue at Roehampton
Idman Omar, 8 Jan 2018

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