My course, my way

by Ariele
27 July 2015

Hello everyone, I’m Ariele and I am in my third year of my PsychD in Counselling Psychology and I am going to share with you a little about my course.

I came to Roehampton because the PsychD had a great reputation, but I guess you never really know until you come here for yourself. I was so pleased that I wasn’t disappointed – when I came in for my interview I knew it was the place for me. I left the interview feeling really excited and inspired and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Luckily I was accepted and here I am, three years on, just as inspired and excited to be here.


I’ve only ever been to school in the US so everything seemed different at first: from how to hand in assignments to the grading system, but I soon got into the swing of things. The best aspect of my degree has been the support I have received towards my professional development. I suppose I had always sensed that as a student I was meant to follow someone else's direction, but I have been encouraged to value my own thoughts and to lead my own way. I believe this is paramount to my professional development and learning to trust myself – and as a Counselling Psychologist that’s really important. My lecturer Dr Rosie Rizq is fantastic, as my thesis supervisor, she has offered me invaluable support that encourages me forward independently. All the lecturers are great really, they facilitate a learning space that’s open, inviting and encourage the whole class to participate and contribute to the discussion.

I’m also involving myself in the course outside of the classroom by being the Student Representative for the course. I’ve sat in on all the board meetings and have been able to witness first-hand the department's commitment to enhancing the course, mainly via its value of its student feedback.

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