Philosophy to Policy

by Rebecca Coles
13 July 2015

Being at Roehampton for three years, studying Philosophy, helped me find the direction that I wanted to take in life; I learnt intellectually, but also I learnt what I love doing. I loved the philosophy course at Roehampton for being such a mix of interesting modules. Where some other University programmes were heavy on theological philosophy, Roehampton covered a kaleidoscope of thought, from Marxism to Hinduism and other political and social topics alongside religion and ethics.

The lecturers were approachable and they would hold seminars, discussion groups on topics that would last for hours, driven by the participation of everyone, staff and students. Public evening talks at the University (a particularly enjoyable one was on Feminism), with guest lecturers, would be followed by a drinks reception where we could all continue our discussions. Opportunities for broadening our insights were provided for further with guest lecturers on some of the modules – showing a wonderful openness to collaboration.

Philosophy Society

Roehampton has such a great community feel: a unique enclave in London. I found many people who had the same outlook as me, and we created friendships based on this deep interest in understanding and debate. I greatly enjoyed being president of the Philosophy society, which had members from all over the university. We took the first trip in the history of the society to Amsterdam, and held movie nights, all shared experiences that brought us closer in learning.

Beyond that I currently have a year’s long internship with the University in the Policy department. This has further given me clarity on the type of work I want to be doing. I am using my skills of research, logical thinking and analysis of argument, but I am also learning what a research role in politics or the charity sector would require.

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