Preparing for University

by Olivia Mounsor and Leanna Coleman
22 August 2016

Two students, one returning for their second year, and the other starting in September, give their different perspectives on what it's like preparing to go to university for the first time.

Olivia Mounsor

My name is Olivia and in September I will be moving from a quiet market town in Yorkshire to the vibrant city of London, where I will be studying Anthropology at the University of Roehampton. The move will be a big change for me, but it is something I am definitely ready and excited for. Since my offer from Roehampton in December, the realisation that I will actually be moving to London, to study the course of my dreams has become ever more real. Like many prospective students across the country, I quickly became a member of a Facebook page dedicated to University applicants, then later several different pages for soon to be Roehampton students.

Through these online pages I have spoken to many people who plan on also studying at Roehampton doing a variety of courses. Personally, there is some comfort in having already spoken to people; especially others on your course, or even in your college. Due to my course being a Life Science, it is being taught at Whitelands, meaning that I will mainly be based there.


My cat, Martha, didn’t share my enthusiasm
about the suitcase.

In early July I received an offer of accommodation, which helped put me at ease further. Despite accommodation being guaranteed for confirmed first year students, it was definitely a relief to know for certain where I would be staying.

Now that I have a room, I have started thinking more and more about what belongings to put in it. Like many, this is the first time I have lived away from home and the prospect is still daunting. I bought a frying pan back in the January sales, which was the first piece of my university kit, since then the collection has gradually increased. The latest addition was a suitcase, an eight wheel suitcase that moves freely in every direction. Whilst this isn’t essential for University, it was something that I was really excited about. Currently, it’s just over three weeks until the move, and I’m looking forward to the next three years in London.

Leanna Coleman


Almost every person is nervous about change; it's an inevitable element that appears in our lives, unfortunately. Starting university was one of those nerve-wracking steps for me: the idea of making new friends, studying a whole new subject at an advanced level whilst being in the capital.

Nonetheless I was excited to say the least. I was ecstatic. I gathered 'university' magazines, hoping the content would outline the essential guide to this big step. It gave some insight but I learned that it's really up to yourself - you're the one who can mould the next chapter.

The aim of my blog post is to give those starting Roehampton in September some advice: it may be scary but it's wonderful too. You're more than guaranteed to meet people who'll remain friends for life. It brings individuals out of their shell, whether you're shy or confident; you're yet to blossom.

If like me, you're living in halls of residence for first year, try your best to find some flat mates. Roehampton provides Facebook pages where freshers can join and talk to others. I spoke to almost all of my flat mates, including my flat rep prior to move-in day and it took a huge weight off my shoulders. It's easier to tell you to not be too afraid, than it is for you to feel, but trust me, it'll be amazing.


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