Soothing Roehampton...

by Jeremy White
15 January 2015


My favourite part of the day is the moment I walk into the Roehampton campus through Froebel gate. As I wander down the tree-lined driveway, the relentless traffic noise from Roehampton Lane fades away, surprisingly quickly, and I can feel my shoulders drop as I begin to relax. I live in the middle of Westminster so I spend a lot of time right in the busy heart of London. This means that the lush green campus feels like a trip to the country for me. There is so much quiet open space here that makes it a perfect tranquil haven to forget the outside world and focus on study.

I love living in London. I have everything I could possibly dream of at my finger tips but I grew up in a small village in Kent and spent my childhood summers running around in fields and woods. So I sometimes yearn for some peace and quiet surrounded by greenery and coming here most days really fills that gap. For anyone who wants to go to uni in London and enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer, but doesn’t want to be caught up in the hustle and bustle, then Roehampton is the one for you.


#WeAreUR - Discover Roehampton
Undergraduate open day
Saturday 18 November 2017
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Idman Omar, 8 Jan 2018

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