Swallowed Whole - The beginning of a dream

by Angela and Sara
1 May 2015

Angela and Sara - DTP graduates

Hello! We’re Sara and Angela and we graduated from Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies last year. We became good friends during our course - we had most of our classes together so there was no avoiding each other!

We both share a passion for the theatre and dreamed of having an outlet of our own where creativity was limitless. In our final year we started our adventure and set up our very own theatre company - Swallowed Whole Theatre.

It was both an exciting and daunting prospect without the comfort blanket that University provides and we came across a few stumbling blocks along the way. We’ve been through the mill from hazardous venues to dwindling motivation. We try to keep our mojo by doing warm up exercises and singing. We also love going to the theatre to fire up our inspiration.

The course at Roehampton was great! It gave us a better understanding of theatre in all its forms. Exploring Live Art and Performance Art and the intellectual world behind theatre has had a huge influence on our work. We’ve also had fantastic, ongoing support from all the tutors at Roehampton but we have to give a special shout out to Professor Joe Kelleher for his open mindedness, support and inspirational ideas. And to Dr Sarah Gorman for helping us to understand what it means to take risks and explore failure in performance.


They inspired us to develop a scratch of a piece about the human senses while we were still at University. From there we went on to develop our first project – SENSES.

We’re really interested in how people listen to things, how they feel things; does the smell interfere with what they are seeing, listening, tasting or feeling? Do we unconsciously ignore the smell or what we see to concentrate on listening?

SENSES is the result of thinking about how we can arise to one sense at a time, without taking other senses away and how we all react to stimuli that don’t really make sense to the environment we are exposed to. It’s our debut performance as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival and it’s open to all. Just bring your good self, a torch and comfortable shoes!

To any aspiring young theatre makers out there, we’d encourage you to start as early as possible; create work with people you trust and take advantage of the resources on offer. Once you leave Uni its all on you!

Tickets for our event are free and can be booked online.

We hope to see you there!

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