The Essential Binge-Watching Student Guide... continued

by Amy Puddephatt
27 June 2016

The term has finished, and summer is predictably stumbling over its entrance into 2016, so what better way to spend those glorious empty (rainy) hours, than by filling them with all the series you missed out on over the past few months of intense studying (right?). Following on from Daniel’s post a few months ago, I have put together a short list of some more TV shows worthy of your distraction…


1. House of Cards 9/10

Blackmail. Conspiracy. Kevin Spacey. It can only mean House of Cards is back on Netflix for its fourth season. I admit season 3 was disappointing, hence the nine out of ten. However, if you want high-class American political drama then this is for you. With forty hour-long episodes you really have no excuse to not watch this.

2. The Bridge/Broen/Bron 8/10


Not to be confused with the documentary film of the same name. This Swedish police drama follows Saga, an unconventional yet efficient police officer, and her team confront professional, personal and mental health challenges. I would have ranked this 10/10 but the need to read English subtitles means it is not one you can see without binge watching.


3. Narcos 7/10

Ever wondered who Pablo Escobar was? Or do you still believe there is no such thing as corruption? Well, this American crime thriller will show you the realities and mind-boggling expansion of Escobar’s drug empire during the 1970s-1990s. I’m not sure how this will continue in Season 2 and this is in Spanish, resulting in the lower score. Nonetheless, a very interesting watch.

4. The People vs. OJ Simpson 6/10


American drama based on the book about the OJ case, which is currently available on BBC iPlayer. If you hold mass media to high esteem (really?!) then prepare to be challenged and to question how on earth someone literally got away with murder only twenty years ago. Each episode is only forty minutes long making it the perfect length for a break.

5. Dexter 7/10


The main thing you need to know is that Dexter only murders for good. Whilst the general storyline doesn’t change much across the eight seasons, you will become attached to characters. I did give a lower score because seasons 4-6 are admittedly not great but it does pick up again so stick with it. You may also recognise certain faces so be prepared to see them in a more murderous light.

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