Thinking like a Writer

by Tayla Grace Brown
04 December 2014

Putting pen to paper with a little help from my cat

Putting pen to paper with a little help from my cat

Hi everyone, I’m Tayla Grace Brown. I’m in my first year at Roehampton studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

I’m excited to talk to you about my course; especially a module I’m taking called ‘Thinking like a Writer’, because that’s what I’m doing now. I’m thinking like a writer. This module has been incredible - it’s changed my way of thinking. We explore the creative process and what this means to people like me who have chosen to write. Our lecturers, who are all writers themselves, have given us a toolkit that involves freewriting, creative visualisation and prompt writing (to name only a few). We use these exercises throughout the module to encourage us budding writers to become more open-minded when experimenting with different ways to be creative. This module has changed my way of thinking because it’s showed me that I don’t have to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike; I just have to pick up my pen, grab my notebook and begin writing, no matter how disorganised my thoughts may be.

 With my lovely friends

With my lovely friends (that’s me on the right)

At first I felt out of my comfort zone; I wasn’t used to writing in such an undisciplined fashion, I guess that’s what’s different about university – you’re given a lot of freedom to explore your own passions – to be the writer you want to be. In no time, I came to really enjoy doing exercises from our toolkit. I never expected that I would gain so many ideas from freewriting especially. It was interesting to see what divergent thoughts occurred when I took as little as five minutes out of my day to do an exercise.

In regards to creative visualisation, I found myself noticing the most intricate things from the simplest of objects, such as an apple or a key. Even then, I wanted to expand on my original thoughts and create an entire story. It was a freeing experience, giving me the confidence to write more directly. This module has improved my thinking process massively; and I know that I will continue to use the toolkit in the future.

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