To the boardroom and beyond

by Kaydee Neale-Kenwright
5 March 2015

Hi everyone, I’m Kaydee and I’m a third year Philosophy student at UR. Yes, third year, so I am busy writing essays for my final semester and thinking about what life after university might have in store. And it’s that final point that I’m going to discuss here.

Kaydee Neale-Kenwright

In January I was part of a four day leadership course called Frontrunners – it’s for university students who have a track record of leading change. It develops your leadership skills and builds your confidence so you set your career sights high when you leave university. I had been apprehensive about attending a leadership course; I can always be trusted to find the draw backs, but attending was actually one of the best things I've done at university. Not only did it boost my morale to meet other students (there were 84 of us in total) who want to be active change makers but I met professionals who offered a window into the various ways we can affect change in different types of organisations and society.

The course was four days. We spent two of those at UR and then two in London at Frontrunners main offices, but we also got out and about visiting external organisations such as the BBC, Department of Health, Your Org and Premier League among others. I had the pleasure of meeting a barrister and politician who I am now in contact with on a mentoring basis to explore my potential career options. I also gained valuable experience of board meetings from a trip to an arts centre to plan innovative changes.

This course, and the influential leaders we met, have inspired me to pursue goals that I had previously deemed too big! Not only that, it has restored hope of finding employment. When you hear horror stories about jobless/ unhappy graduates it creates a real anxiety about what your future will hold. Thanks to this course I am now part of a network of students, graduates and professionals to tap into for advice, which can only be a good thing when you're on the cusp of graduating!

I feel really empowered and motivated now and the course has helped me to understand that with hard work, perseverance and dedication I can achieve my goals and help others to do the same. If you get the chance to do this course, grab it with both hands. You definitely won’t regret it.

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