Top 10 Revision and Assignment Tips

by Nikhil Patel
18 April 2017

I hope you are having a great Spring Break! You may also be thinking about the exams which will greet you soon after your return to Roehampton. However, starting revision now will make everything much smoother, trust me; my top tips should enable all of you to get through this crucial period at university. Let’s get started.

1. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to complete deadlines.

As students we are the worst at giving ourselves time for completing assessments, we sit there watching Netflix and promise everyone this is our last night out, but when it comes to deadlines you should give yourself at least a month to revise or write the piece of work. Yes, one month! This will give you plenty of time to look for any small mistakes and swat up on the finer details that will give you those top marks. Also stress levels will be reduced, keeping a healthy mind.

2. Make a timetable.

By timetabling your day you add a lot of structure to your revision and it’s easier to manage your deadlines. You can also break up your day by not focusing too much on one topic by making sure your timetable everything you need to cover.
Here is a website I like to use which helps me prepare for exams: https://getrevising.co.uk/

3. Take regular breaks.

It is recommended for every hour of work you do you should take a 5-10 minute break, longer if needed. During this break, leave the room or go for a short walk which will help break the revision or deadlines up and clear your head. If you need a longer break, and you are still in London, why not check out Leanna's ideas for activities to do.
 4. Eat Well.
During exam and deadline period you want to eat the so-called ‘brain foods’. The healthier you eat the more the body can take care of itself, this means you have more time to focus on deadlines and revision rather than getting ill. I know this all sounds expensive but you can pick up cheap fruit fresh from the market next to the CO-OP, and the 24 hour ASDA in Roehampton is good for bulk-buying nuts. Check out these top brain foods from one of our psychology lecturers.




5. Exercise.


Exercise gets the blood flowing. This means more oxygen will reach the brain and help it to function more efficiently. Anything you can do to get the brain working well is surely welcome during the exam period. I know most of us hate it but it is a little sacrifice to help achieve top marks.

6. Break down notes or plan.

Breaking down notes into bullet points allows the brain to remember more; try to write your notes out multiple times as this also aids with memory. Some people are visual learners therefore jazzing up your work with colour helps. Before you begin that section in your dissertation or essay make sure you plan it so you know exactly what you are writing about.

7. Practise makes perfect.

By practising past exam papers you familiarise yourself with the exam and the style of questions. This means you won’t get a shock in the exam when you turn over the paper, rather you will also be able to finish the paper within good time.

8. Find a suitable place to study.

The best place to revise for most people tends to be the library where you have plenty of space and it’s mostly quiet. The worst thing you want to do is get distracted and this normally happens in front of the TV or if you are with a big group. Find a place where you are at 100% productivity. The library is open 24 hours a day from the 24th April.


9. Sleep.

Now this is the part of the blog where all the students start to wake up! We love our sleep and during exam period we should be getting at least eight hours. The last thing we want is to get tired during the exam or start falling asleep when you have nearly finished your dissertation. While you sleep your brain is working hard to store all that you have learnt.


10. Don’t panic.

Panic is the worst thing we can do as we can forget things when we panic. You need be calm and collected before exams. Just remember, everything is going be ok.


If you follow the tips above I am sure you will all do fantastic in your exams and essays! Remember keep positive and once we are all done we can party at summer ball!! (Line-up is announced 30th April!)



I wish each and everyone one of you the very best in your exams and essays!! See you on the other side.

PS. This little video is to give you some motivation if you are ever feeling a bit down.


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