Top tips for getting a job at university

by Frances Blakeman-Buchan
9 January 2016

Have you ever considered getting a job while at university? Many of us have, and after having spent a term living on just your student loan, the question of whether you should get a part-time job to earn some additional money may have become relevant again. I know what you are thinking, would I be able to manage working and studying, and still have time for myself?

I had a part-time job before starting at Roehampton and I wanted to try to keep it. I am very lucky that I had approachable employers who agreed to adapt my hours to fit around my studies. I also have a term time job at the Uni bar and during the holidays I work in a hotel local to where I live. I have found that it is possible to work, study and have fun at university all at the same time. Here are some of my tips which I hope will help you find a job this term that can fit around the rest of your life.

UnitempsJust follow the signs...

At home
If you already have a part-time job from home, you may want to continue with it whilst studying, so talk to your manager. There may be a way of transferring closer to the University or they may even keep the job open for you to go back to in the breaks.

In the local area
If you want to look for a job close to Roehampton, there are plenty of options either on campus, or nearby. Central London, Kingston, Putney and Wandsworth are all within a bus ride or short train journey and each offer a range of restaurants, bars, shops and small businesses that are worth considering when looking for a job.

At university
On campus, Unitemps (located in the Library, or online through the UR CareerLink) offer a variety of jobs in the local area; you can sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss any potential opportunities! Unitemps also offer some jobs on campus, such as in the library. Many of the jobs on campus are advertised on notice boards, so keep your eyes open. You also get to hear of them by word of mouth, and don’t be shy to ask around the campus! This is how I got my bar job.

If you manage to keep your old job or find a new one, don’t take on too much. Your studies need to be your priority so your hours need to be adaptable. You also need time to socialise and get the most out of your University experience.

I have found you can do it all. My top tips: plan carefully, talk to your employers about your needs, and don’t forget to take time out for yourself!

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