Wimbledon Bookfest Intern Interview

by Sydney James,
September 28th, 2017


What is the Wimbledon Bookfest?

Wimbledon Bookfest is an arts and culture festival based on Wimbledon Common (just one 493 bus towards Tooting), it runs this year from the 5th to the 15th of October.

This year we have events from Alexandra Shulman, Salman Rushdie, Judy Murray, Liz Earle and Brian Moore amongst many others.

How did you secure the Wimbledon Bookfest Internship?

I applied for the Bookfest internship through Unitemps, then was interviewed by staff from the University of Roehampton and Bookfest.

I think what helped to excel my application was my past voluntary work at Bookfest, as this made me so much more aware of how the festival works and what the environment is like. Because of this I was able to tailor my ideas in my application to the festival itself.

What type of things are you doing in your internship?

My main role at Wimbledon Bookfest is to manage the social media. However in my role I do a wide range of work, including working on the Bookfest website and meeting with our 6th Form Panel.

I have recently been working a lot on the Robert Graves Poetry Prize, a collaboration between the Roehampton Poetry Centre and Wimbledon Bookfest. The prize is new this year and I am really pleased with how successful it has been.

My role is extremely creative, I am always running with new ideas for the website, social media and other marketing, whilst learning from the team around me.

How involved is the University of Roehampton with the Bookfest?

The University of Roehampton is the lead education sponsor for Wimbledon Bookfest. The University and Bookfest work together on a number of projects such as the Robert Graves Prize and the Jane Gardam Short Story Competition.

This year many of Roehampton’s lecturers have and will be involved with the festival from judging the writing competitions to interviewing authors and giving the talks themselves!

Vice Chancellor Professor Paul O’ Prey will be giving the annual Robert Graves Society Lecture at this year’s festival, this will definitely be a special event.

What advantages would students have by going?

Wimbledon Bookfest is a really nice environment, the festival gives you an excuse to get the bus down to Wimbledon Common and enjoy some different scenery. The festival itself is so beneficial to students, there are events for a wide array of interests, whether you want to learn something new, indulge in a passion or have a therapeutic laugh at our comedy night.

Can people volunteer to help out?

Yes! You can email volunteers@wimbledonBookfest.org to express your interest and volunteer.

What are you most looking forward to about the Bookfest?

At the moment am most looking forward to the events with Ali Smith, Nicholas Hytner, Salman Rushdie and Matt Haig. In the past two years that I have attended the festival, I have discovered new authors and learnt about topics that had never thought about before – I am sure that Bookfest 2017 will bring something new for me to discover.

What has been the most difficult part about being the Wimbledon Bookfest intern?

Not getting enough likes on Instagram.  Help me out!  Follow us @Wimbookfest


The Wimbledon Bookfest is on from October 5th-15th, learn more about the Wimbledon Book Fest and how to get tickets. 

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