Whitelands Metabolic Assessment Unit

Our bespoke range of consultation and fitness services focus on two disciplines to improve metabolic health and optimise exercise performance in all athletes in all types of sport and at any level.

Our team of qualified sports scientists will provide you with comprehensive assessment methods to test, target, and advance your fitness levels and meet your personalised goals.

Our fitness and health services

In a relaxed and professional environment, you will work one-to-one with our experts in state-of-the-art laboratories at Whitelands College in the University of Roehampton. We can identify where and how you may extend physiological factors in order to enhance your endurance performance.

There are three main physiological components of endurance performance which can be used to determine your aerobic capacity (fitness levels):

  • Maximal aerobic capacity or VO2max: The maximum rate of oxygen consumption.
  • Lactate threshold: The ability to perform exercise at your highest intensity and efficiently remove lactate build-up from your body.
  • Exercise economy: The ability to efficiently transfer power, for example when cycling to the pedals or when running in your stride with little wasted energy.

Offering a range of tests, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive document summarising the data from your session including a training plan and nutritional recommendations to achieve better performance.  

Our team and research

Led by Dr Richard Mackenzie, our team of qualified experts have all made an impact in their disciplines and are active members of the
Centre for Integrated Research in Life and Health Sciences at the University of Roehampton. Our team is available to give comprehensive advice that works for you on all aspects of fitness, exercise performance training. The team includes nutritionists and physiologists for both sport and health. 

How to book

On each fitness test page, please fill in our online booking form and you will be contacted by a member of our staff to book your session. If you have any questions on which tests may be suitable for you, please email Dr Richard Mackenzie.