Aerobic fitness assessment

Price: £200
Duration: 1.5 hours

The standard fitness assessment investigates overall fitness. We assess your VO2 max and lactate threshold onsite in our professional London based labs with protocols specific to your sport and fitness levels. In addition, it is also possible to gauge the second lactate turning point (or functional power) during the metabolic measurement section of this assessment. This part of the assessment will also provide pulmonary gas exchange data that will allow for the calculation of energy expenditure (calories burnt) and substrate utilisation (i.e. amount of fat / CHO) at varying exercise intensities. Data detailing metabolic profile, as measured during this assessment, can be used to produce specific heart rate training zones for weight loss or to improve human performance.


The tests can be carried out on a treadmill or a bicycle. You can bring your own cleat pedals if you wish to carry out the test. Needle prick to your fingertip blood samples will be required to measure the blood lactate.


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