Body Composition - BodPod

Price: £49
Duration: 30 minutes

The proportion of total fat mass and lean body mass represents an individual's body composition. Body composition is important for athletic performance, and is also a greater determinant of health outcomes than body weight alone. A person can be of average weight but still have high, even risky levels of body fat.

The BodPod is a highly accurate, non-intrusive, extremely rapid method of measuring body composition. This method provides invaluable information for anyone wishing to monitor changes in their body composition for health and/or fitness related purposes.


Utilising a technique called air displacement plethysmography the client sits comfortably in a chamber for two to three minutes whilst the volume of air displaced by the body is measured and used to calculate body fat percentage.

Additional Assessment

Given body mass and composition is a product of both energy intake (nutrition) and energy expenditure, you may also be interested in our Resting metabolic rate (RMR) assessment.


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