Nutritional and Dietary analysis

Nutritional and Dietary analysis

Inappropriate nutrition can affect health, lifestyle and both mental and physical performance. An individual can suffer from poor nourishment even with an adequate energy intake. By quantifying your habitual nutrient intake you can make informed changes to help meet your dietary goals.

We offer two levels of dietary analysis:

1. An accurate and detailed assessment of your total daily caloric intake based on a three-day food diary. You will be required to keep a record of everything you eat and drink for three days which will be comprehensively analysed for macro- and micronutrient content, using our state of the art nutritional software. A personalised report will be prepared for you, which will be discussed at a subsequent consultation.

Price: £210.

2. An alternative, quicker nutritional assessment is also offered based on a typical 24-hour food intake.

Price: £75.


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