Substrate utilisation and energy expenditure

Price: £180
Duration: 1 hour

Substrate utilisation and energy expenditure

Our state-of-the-art metabolic equipment will measure your energy expenditure and substrate utilisation in real-time at rest (see RMR) and during a range of activities. This technique allows our exercise physiologists to measure the maximal rate of fat utilisation and total energy expenditure that could target a more individual and efficient weight management strategy.

This assessment can also monitor the effects of training and plan for nutritional intake to match energy expenditure during short- or long-duration exercise.


The tests can be carried out on a treadmill or a bicycle. We use the SRM ergonometer. You can bring your own cleat pedals if you wish to carry out the test on our SRM bicycle. Expired air will be collected throughout using a face mask. This is standard practice in our laboratories.


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