Relocation information

The International Staff website, for staff moving to work in UK universities, provides guidance and information on living in the UK. It aims to help you plan before you travel to the UK and identifies the main things you need to consider before arrival – from finding accommodation to cost of living and paying council tax and utility bills, to setting up a bank account, applying for a national insurance number and registering with a doctor.

Paying into a UK Bank Account

Your salary will be paid into a UK bank account or building society. Therefore staff are required to set up a UK bank account for this purpose. To facilitate this HR can write you an introductory letter confirming that you will be working at the university, please contact humanresources@roehampton.ac.uk.

There is a branch of Santander on campus for staff to use, alternatively there are other banks close by in Putney and the surrounding area.


You will need to provide form P45 from your most recent employment, if possible. If you do not have a P45, or are coming from overseas, there are some additional new starter questions that you will be asked when you join.

Further information for employees from overseas can be found in this section of the HMRC’s website.

National Insurance

If you are coming from overseas to work in the UK you should apply for a National Insurance Number. This number is a unique identifier for you, and will allow any social security benefits that you may be entitled to, to accrue against your record. Please see here for information on applying for a national insurance number.

There may be circumstances where you will be paying social security contributions in an EU country, and do not therefore need to pay contributions in the UK. Similarly, there may be circumstances where you are paying social security contributions (NI contributions) in the UK and do not need to pay contributions in another country. Please contact Payroll for more information regarding NI liability.

For more information on coming to work in the UK from overseas, please see the HMRC webpage.


The university has a small selection of properties available for short-term accommodation. If required, you should contact our conferencing office as soon as you know that you will be working in the UK, as generally there is a waiting list.

For longer-term lets or buying a property you may find the following web-sites helpful:

Health Services

The National Health Service (NHS) provides a range of healthcare services, including finding a GP and dentist.

Local Council Information

Local councils provide a range of education and training related services plus information on a wide range of childcare, services for parents and young people. Each local council will have its own policies on school term dates, admissions, transfers and pupil benefits. Roehampton is located in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Relocation Policy

The university supports staff in relocating within or to the UK. The university's relocation policy supports staff with the cost of moving up to £3,000. Expenses that qualify as relocation can be found on the HMRC web-site. The university's relocation policy can be viewed here.

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