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Undergraduate courses

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    New students can apply for accommodation online from 1 April 2015.  

    You must have a firm offer from the University and your Roehampton Student ID number which can be found on your letter/email of confirmation from the University. The number begins with the first three letters of your surname. It may also be referred to as your Student reference. 

    If you should have any difficulty with locating this, please contact Accommodation Services. The accommodation process is aligned with the University’s student recruitment aims and its core strategies.

    Continuing students can apply for Mount Clare (part of Froebel College) and Spring Mews. Mount Clare is currently fully allocated so any applications will now be added to the waiting list. The process for applying for a room at Mount Clare opened on Thursday 5 February 2015 at 8pm.  To be added to the waiting list for Mount Clare, you need to email  Please put Mount Clare 2015 in the subject and include: 
    Your Name
    Student ID
    And any other details we should be aware of

    The rooms at Mount Clare are allocated on a first-come first-served basis which will be taken from the time your email is received. Emails received before 8pm on Thursday will not be considered.

    How to complete the online application
    You must select Spring Mews (London Zone 1) or a preferred College for your accommodation. Many students prefer to live close to their academic departments. Check College membership to see where your classes will be held.  

    Please include all additional information which will help us to place you in the most suitable accommodation (for instance if you prefer to live on a particular floor or in a single-sex flat).

    If you have a medical condition or disability which means you need a particular room, please include this information.
    Please note that you MUST obtain a letter from a medical professional to confirm and explain why it is necessary to have a specific type of accommodation. You need to enter your details on the online form as shown below:

       Information required


       Roehampton Student ID






       Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)



    Accepting a room
    To accept a room you will need to follow the instructions in your offer email and pay the deposit, provide payment details and agree the Terms and Conditions.

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