Postgraduate courses
Postgraduate courses
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  • Welcome to Southlands College

    Southlands College is home to over 200 resident undergraduates and the college for a large range of non-residential, mature and postgraduate students. Although it was founded in the 1870s, the College has moved to a fantastic modern campus, designed and built with the needs of a modern university specifically in mind.

    The college houses the University’s Business School, the Department of Media, Culture and Language, and some Music Education staff and facilities. It provides modern teaching, IT and conference facilities, apartment-style student residences, excellent catering and social areas, music performance and practice space, including a large concert hall with a range of instruments. It also has both a lively and welcoming College chapel and a dedicated Muslim prayer room.

    Southlands students can be members of any university department, and some choose to become part of Southlands College because of its particular qualities and the friendly and relaxed nature of our college life.
    Southlands has a rich history and maintains a strong commitment to the ethos of its Methodist foundation, which is seen in the lives and actions of its members and their relationships with one another and the community around us. The college is committed to the causes of equality, social justice and community engagement. Southlands celebrates its diversity and seeks to learn from it. All types of people from all over the UK and other parts of the world, from different cultures and of any faith or no faith are welcome and active members of the Southlands College community. As we move into a new era in Higher Education, Southlands is committed to seeing this continue.


    College Life Development Officer: Gwen Brookes


    Head of Southlands College: Dr Christopher Stephens

    Southlands College
    80 Roehampton Lane
    SW15 5SL
    Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3400

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