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    Welcome from the Head of College

    Welcome to Southlands College!

    We are a small community of staff and students who live and work together in a college established on a strong set of values and built to a design which places modern comfort and excellent facilities within peaceful and green, open spaces.

    At this time of year, I extend a special welcome to all our new students who will arrive at Roehampton later in September. We are so pleased that you are coming to study here and look forward to meeting you all very soon.

    For those of you who are living at Southlands this year, make sure you dive right in to college life when you arrive! On Sunday 18th September you will be welcomed by your college Flat Rep (a second or third year who lives in your flat to help you settle in) and spend time getting to know your flat mates, before a college photo at 4pm in the quadrangle and a welcome talk from the college staff and student team at 5pm in the Chapman Hall, followed by a dinner and party in our social space, The Reef.

    For non-residents, there is a special welcome talk and lunch on Monday 19th at 12:30 in the Chapman Hall, in between academic department sessions. We’d love you to come along and find out how you can be fully involved in college life.

    For all of our students, including international students arriving before 18th, the college team is putting on a lot of events alongside other departments in the university. There’s a full list below. The best way to keep updated about events, times and locations of these is to join the two college Facebook pages: “Southlands College” and “Southlands Shiver of Sharks”.

    Southlands is the smallest of the colleges at Roehampton, and we pride ourselves on the friendly and supportive nature of our college community. A lot goes on here – do take a look at the college web pages and facebook groups. We are a diverse an eclectic community, where all are welcome and where all are encouraged to explore, to challenge and to take part in and make the most of college life. I really hope you love being at Southlands and very much look forward to meeting you.

    Dr Christopher Stephens
    Head of Southlands College

    Christopher Stephens

    Programme of Activities

    Tuesday 13th September, 6pm onwards, The Reef:
    Welcome for international students

    Wednesday 14th, 6pm onwards, The Reef:
    International Welcome Evening (with pizza)

    Thursday 15th, 6pm onwards
    Staircase activities for international students and flat reps

    Friday 16th, 6pm onwards, The Reef:
    Flat Rep team building and international student social

    Saturday 17th, lunchtime onwards, The Reef and the quadrangle:
    Music & games for all

    Sunday 18th, morning onwards:
    Welcome activities for resident freshers in the quadrangle
    4pm: college residents photo in the quadrangle
    5pm: resident students welcome talk, Chapman Hall (compulsory)
    6pm: resident student welcome dinner & party in The Reef

    Monday 19th 12.30pm-1.15pm, Chapman Hall:
    Welcome talk for non-resident students followed by sandwich lunch in the Reef/the Quad (resident students invited to come too)

    Monday 19th, early evening:
    Gathering in The Reef before RSU evening event

    Tuesday 20th 2pm-5pm, The Reef:
    Photo scavenger hunt for all freshers & Flat Reps

    Tuesday 20th, 6pm onwards, college chapel:
    Live music and mocktails for all students

    Wednesday 21st, evening, The Reef:
    Film night for all students

    Thursday 22nd, 12pm-2pm, college quadrangle:
    BBQ Brunch for resident & non-resident freshers and flat reps
    Midday music event

    Thursday 22nd, 6pm, college chapel:
    Quiz night for all

    Saturday 24th, evening in The Reef:
    Social for students without freshers’ bands

    Sunday 25th, evening, The Reef:
    Film night

    Thursday 29th, 2-4pm, The Reef:
    Tea party for all students, run by the welfare and chaplaincy team

    Thursday 29th, 4-5pm, college chapel:
    Tea & Toast for all students

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