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Undergraduate courses

    • Graduate School research student 2
    • Graduate School research student group
    • Graduate School research student 3
    • Graduate School 2 (480x360)
  • Welcome to the Graduate School

    The Graduate School is the centre of the research student community at Roehampton. All research students belong to the Graduate School in addition to their Academic Department. Furthermore, all researchers, including research students, are members of Research Centres.

    The Graduate School supports students studying for research degrees in the following ways:

    • Overseeing the Research Student Development Programme, which provides training and development opportunities for students, based on their individual needs, prior experience and career aims.
    • The production of a Personal Development Plan to help students track their research career at Roehampton.
    • Promoting research events, seminars and funding opportunities.
    • The School also provides a forum for research students from different disciplines and backgrounds to share ideas, information and to meet and socialise, including the Annual Research Student Conference.

    In addition, the Graduate School provides an opportunity for the views of research students to be heard. Its overseeing body, the Graduate School Committee, which includes student representatives, works with academic departments and central university services to promote the interests of research students and to ensure they have the best possible experience.

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