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    The University of Roehampton is pleased to be a member of TECHNE, a Consortium of seven institutions in London and the South-East that form an AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). Over five years (2014-2019), the TECHNE Consortium will fund approximately 176 PhD studentships for outstanding Arts and Humanities postgraduate researchers across the partner institutions.

    TECHNE is comprised of seven academic partner institutions: Royal Holloway University of London (co-ordinator), University of Roehampton, Brighton University, Kingston University, Royal College of Art, University of Surrey, University of the Arts London; and a range of cultural partner organisations including: Museum of London, Cultural Capital Exchange, Science Museum, Barbican, National Maritime Museum, Natural History Museum, British Film Institute (BFI), Drawing Room, Rose Theatre, English PEN, Victoria & Albert Museum, Brighton Festival, and Wired Sussex. Please visit TECHNE to find out more about the aims and opportunities of  the consortium.

    Applications for 2016/17 are now closed. Please check these pages later in 2016 for details of next year's competition.


    Eligible PhD subject areas


    Studentships – What we Offer

    TECHNE offers a rich and diverse training programme for doctoral students with a focus on interdisciplinarity and developing career potential both in and beyond higher education. Studentships are awarded by TECHNE to the best students put forward by its member universities. The TECHNE training programme is enhanced by input and placement opportunities provided by TECHNE’s partner organisations (including the Barbican, Natural History Museum, Museum of London, BFI and Science Museum) in the cultural sector.

    TECHNE’s vision is to produce scholars who are highly motivated and prepared for academic, public or professional life. Students will benefit from a diversity of training opportunities and be able to draw on supervisory expertise from across the Consortium. The name ‘TECHNE’ in reference to the Greek term for craft – it will create a new model for collaborative research skills training for PhD students. As a member of TECHNE, University of Roehampton UK and EU* applicants for PhD study (and some current PhD students)** in the Arts and Humanities are eligible to apply for AHRC studentships to start 1st October 2016. Maintenance and fee rates for 2015/16 were £16,057 for maintenance and £4,052 for fees (three years full-time or part-time equivalent for five years). Levels for 2016/17 have not yet been confirmed.

    AHRC studentships are only available for UK and EU applicants, and EU applicants who have not been in residence in the UK for a minimum of 3 years, will only be eligible for a fees-only studentship (see AHRC Funding Guide, for details).
    ** current PhD students are eligible to apply for TECHNE AHRC studentships if they have at least 50% of the funded period of an AHRC award (usually 18 months) remaining at the time they start their scholarship.


    How to Apply

    Prospective or eligible current doctoral students who would like to apply for a TECHNE studentship at Roehampton must do so via the University of Roehampton. Your TECHNE application will go through a two-stage process, being considered firstly by the University of Roehampton and, if selected, secondly by a panel of subject specialists from TECHNE members.

    Those interested in applying for a TECHNE studentship should, in the first instance, contact the relevant Departmental Research Degrees Convener to talk informally about your proposed research, what supervision is available, and your eligibility for TECHNE.

    Departmental Research Degree Conveners:

    Media Culture & Languages  Dr Stacey Abbott S.Abbott@roehampton.ac.uk
    English & Creative Writing Professor Ian Haywood               I.Haywood@roehampton.ac.uk
    Humanities Dr Nina Power N.Power@roehampton.ac.uk
    Drama, Theatre & Performance             Dr Josh Abrams J.Abrams@roehampton.ac.uk
    Dance Dr Stacey Prickett S.Prickett@roehampton.ac.uk

    After discussion with a Research Degrees Convener, please complete a single TECHNE-specific application form, which also includes an additional section specific to Roehampton on the final page of the form. We also advise all prospective students to consult the guidance notes before making their application.

    The deadline for TECHNE applications for 2016/17 has passed. The TECHNE application form, including the additional section for Roehampton (along with the Notes of Guidance, and the Equal Opportunities form) are linked at the bottom of this page. Applications should only be completed if the student has been recommended to do so by a member of Roehampton academic staff at the relevant department.

    Completed application forms, along with supporting documentation, are to be submitted to: TECHNE@roehampton.ac.uk.

    Academic departments at Roehampton have set an internal deadline for informal expressions of interest. By the 1st December you should have contacted the relevant Departmental Research Degrees Convener at Roehampton, and discussed what supervision is available/your eligibility.

    Roehampton is holds application workshops for students who have expressed interest and wish to find out more about the process of applying for a TECHNE studentship at Roehampton. Please check the website for more information on this for next year's competition.


    PhD study at Roehampton: pgresearch@roehampton.ac.uk
    TECHNE scholarships at Roehampton: TECHNE@roehampton.ac.uk

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