Life Sciences Facilities

Our department has world-class facilities to help you learn, all based at Whitelands College, a beautiful listed building next to Richmond Park.

We have computer suites which you can use 24-hours a day, as well as dedicated computing stations for data processing and analysis for students and staff undertaking research.

Whatever course you join, you will also have access to our University Library, which was opened in 2017 and is one of the best in London.

Our specialist facilities including the following:

Biomechanics Laboratory

Advanced optical motion analysis systems (Vicon and Peak Motus)
A state-of-the-art Vicon motion analysis system, with multiple high-resolution cameras and the most updated video management software, is available. We have the Body Builder software which allows easy and quick implementation of biomechanical models. Moreover, the Peak Motus 3-D motion analysis system is available for motion tracking using ordinary cameras. This system can be used outside the laboratory.

Kistler force plates
Three force plates are mounted in the floor in a flexible manner, and can be used to measure ground reaction forces in three dimensions.

Biometrics Electromyography, Goniometers and 3D Accelerometers:
Muscle activity data are collected by the Biometrics advanced electromyography system, and body motions by goniometers and accelerometers. This equipment is complemented by a portable data logger and software for real-time display and analysis.

Motion Tracking Sensors
The laboratory has the Fastrak electromagnetic motion sensors which provide real-time kinematic data using custom software developed by our research team. We also have a number of other motion sensors (accelerometers and inertial sensors with accelerometry, gyroscopes and magnetometers in-built) which are based on inertial technologies, and unlike the Fastrak, some of our inertial sensors are wireless so that their applications are not restricted by cables.

RS FootScan Plate
We have this plate which allows accurate acquisition of foot pressure data at high sampling rate and in depth analysis of the pressure distribution.

Cybex Dynamometer
The laboratory is equipped with a Cybex dynamometer enabling isometric and isokinetic strength

Sport and Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Walk-in environmental chamber
A purpose built climatic-controlled environmental chamber provides a purpose-built facility to investigate exercise performed in hot and cold environments. The facility is spacious enough to enable simultaneous assessment and capable of testing a wide-range of environmental conditions (0 - 40ºC, 10 – 90% relative humidity).

The laboratory is well-equipped for the physiological assessment or testing of a wide-range of physical and sporting activities and currently has a range of cycle ergometers (Lode, Monark and Watt) and treadmills (Woodway, Powerjog) as well as more specific ergometers (Concept rowing ergometer, Kayak ergometer).

Physiological assessment equipment
Equipment for both laboratory and field-based physiological assessment, including a wide-range of respiratory variables (portable and fixed online gas analysis, multiple Douglas bag set-ups, spirometry for pulmonary function) and blood parameters (capillary and venous analysis) in and out of the laboratory.

Zoology facilities

Within the lab, you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment including microscopes, imaging software, flow-through cytometers for counting bacteria and DNA sequencing tools.
We are also located next to Richmond Park and nearby to the WWT London Barnes Wetland Centre, both of which provide locations for our students to undertake field work and research.

Health and nutrition facilities

We have a food laboratory, complete with sensory analysis tasting booths. We have analytical facilities for cell culture, fluorescent and colorimetric immunoassays, immuno-histochemistry, immunofluorescence microscopy, and quantitative microscopy with stereology (MicroBrightField) as well as neurochemistry.

Biochemical facilities

For biochemical studies, we have high specification liquid chromatography systems and a laboratory designated for work with radioactive isotopes. Cell culture and in vitro imaging facilities are used in our neural stem cell, cell biology and immunology research; this includes a flow cytometer, a real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) apparatus, a Nanodrop spectrophotometer, ELISA and fluorescent plate readers and an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (UPLC-(TQ)-MS, Waters Xevo TQ-S micro).