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Undergraduate courses

    • Psychology 1 (480x360)
    • Psychology 2 (480x360)
    • Psychology 3 (480x360)
    • Psychology 4 (480x360)
    • Psychology 5 (480x360)
  • Welcome to the Department of Psychology

    The department brings together world-leading research and teaching in all major areas of Psychology, Psychological Therapies and the Arts & Play Therapies. As one of the largest psychological training departments in the country, it provides opportunities for researchers in a range of disciplines to investigate an array of psychological problems and phenomena.

    The department is committed to using the best current technology and as part of the CUBIC MRI consortium, owns and runs a share of a research-only MRI scanner. Our work attracts staff and students from around the world. Together they create a dynamic environment for both study and research, based at our stunning campus beside Richmond Park.

    In these web pages you will find information concerning our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes as well as our outstanding Research Centres, short courses and CPD training. The department offers a supportive environment to work in, including specialist seminars, workshops, and guest lectures.

    Dr Diane Bray

    Head of Department, Psychology

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