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  • Understand the society around you and learn how you can influence global issues with our variety of empowering courses.

    Our Department offers undergraduate programmes in 
    SociologyCriminologyLaw and three postgraduate programmes in Human RightsHuman Rights and International Relations and Human Rights Policy and Practice (Erasmus Mundus).

    You will benefit from a vibrant research culture, whereby members of the department directly impact on social, economic and political issues, so you will continually learn about current developments in your chosen field of study. 

    Committed to excellent research, Social Sciences is home to two research centres: the 
    Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research and the Social Governance Research Centre. We receive funding from the European Union under the prestigious Tempus and Erasmus Mundus programmes to support the research conducted by our experts in the field of human rights, social justice and international relations. Our Research Centres host an active range of conferences, seminars and talks that are open to all. 

    Join us and become part of an active and exciting community of students and experts.

    Dr Michele Lamb
    Head of Department 

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