Please note the following stipulations about using the logo:

  • Logo to be positioned top left
  • Logo quad to be no smaller than 5mm. On an A4 portrait sheet, the logo should be a quarter of the width of the sheet
  • Logo should be a distance equivalent to the height of the R of Roehampton from the edge of the paper (more if possible)
  • Logo should not be stretched or reformatted in any way

Logo images and corporate templates for download

Files can be download from the photo library using the following links.

Please note that members of the public or other organisations will need to contact the University for access to these files. Please email Matthew Deary for details.

Photo Library (for staff use only)

To log in to our Photo Library, use your Roehampton username and password. To download photographs add them to your lightbox and select 'request approval'.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

University of Roehampton Photo Library (internal access only)

Contact us

If you have any questions, including queries about accessing these files, please contact Matthew Deary on 020 8392 3071.