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Degrees with a Foundation Year

Although not just for mature students, degrees with a foundation year are four-year programmes which provide an additional foundation year at the start, giving you the skills you need to ensure you are equipped to successfully complete your chosen degree. 

Degrees with a foundation year at Roehampton are a great option if you don't have traditional qualifications or do not meet the requirements to go straight onto a three-year undergraduate degree. We welcome applications from students of all ages and backgrounds who would relish the opportunity to attend university and have the drive to succeed.  

You can find out more about our degrees with a foundation year here

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Our Admissions Team are dedicated to supporting all prospective students during the application process to Roehampton. They are experts in a wide range of qualifications, and will be able to support you and answer your questions, whether you’re still in school or college or if you’ve been out of full-time education for years.  

You can find details of how to apply for one of our courses here 

You can contact our Admissions Team on or 0208 392 3314.

Applying to university isn’t difficult, but it does require some thought and preparation. For information and advice on how to apply visit the UCAS website.

When applying to University as a mature student, the application process may be a little different. For example, it may be some time since you’ve been studying in school or college. This will mean you’re applying as an independent student, and you may need to think more carefully about finding someone to write the reference for your UCAS application.

If this is the case for you then there are a couple of ways to get a reference if you’re applying independently.

You can check if your former school or college is happy to provide a reference by emailing them. If they are, in the ‘options’ section select ‘ask a registered school, college or centre to write a reference only’. This route needs a buzzword from the school or college – so you’ll need to check what the buzzword is with them.

Alternatively, you can enter your referee’s contact details in the reference section. UCAS will then send them an email with instructions on what to do. If you want to do this, make sure you ask your referee if they’ll be able to provide you with a reference. Once they’ve completed it, UCAS will email you, and the reference section will be marked with a red tick.

Your reference can be written by any of the following:

  • An employer who knows you well (e.g. a line manager)
  • Current or previous work colleague
  • College or school tutor
  • Careers adviser
  • Training assessor
  • Volunteer leaders
  • Counsellors

We offer a range of financial support, including generous scholarships, a Student Hardship Fund for those in financial difficulty, access to undergraduate and postgraduate student loans and personal advice on budgeting. You can find out more about the support available here 

Starting university is a big deal, from making new friends, to studying a new subject, so the last thing you want on your plate is worrying about money. 

Fortunately, there is a lot of financial support available at the University of Roehampton. You can find our more here.

There is also financial support available from the Government. You can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £9,250 per year, as long as you live in the UK and qualify for ‘home’ fee status. Means-tested maintenance loans, covering living costs are also available. Applications for student finance usually open in the February before you start at university and you do not need to have all your offers or to have picked your firm choice to start your application.

You can register and sign up for an account for Student Finance England here

You can also watch this video by the SFE that explains exactly how Student Finance works:

For more information on guidance for Parents and Partners, please see this link:

Our accommodation options are varied, and there is something to suit everyone and every budget. We have a dedicated accommodation team, who can help you find what you want on campus and provide advice and support. You can find out more about the options available here 

If you want to live on campus with other mature students you should let us know via the free text box when you apply for accommodation, so we can do our best to house you with other mature students. 

We can also offer you the option to live with other students who have an interest in quieter accommodation, just let us know on your application. 

You can contact our Accommodation Team on or 020 8392 3166.  

As a mature student you may be returning to full-time education after some time away. To support you during your time at Roehampton we provide a range of study support services, including a dedicated Academic Guidance Tutor, extensive online resources and supportive staff who will help you gain the skills you need to need to do well in your degree.  

You can find out more about study support here 

Going to university can be an exciting and rewarding time, but we know there may be times that you may need support.  

Our Wellbeing Team are able to offer you confidential emotional support, talk through personal matters or provide you with recommendations for external advice.  You can find out more about the options available here. 

At Roehampton we welcome students with disabilities and offer flexible support services tailored to you individual needs.  

You can contact our Disability Services Team on or 020 8392 3636.   

You can contact our Dyslexia Services Team on or 020 8392 3860.   

The Roehampton Students’ Union has a part time Mature Students Officer. This officer is elected to represent and speak for mature students at Roehampton and welcome them to the community.  

You can contact the Mature Students Officer at