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Graduation Ceremonies 2023

Our next ceremonies will be held at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank on Wednesday 20th September, and Thursday 28th September.


Wednesday 20th September

Ceremony 1, 09:30am: 

Roehampton Business School Undergraduate Programmes, Roehampton Law School

Ceremony 2, 12:15pm:

Roehampton Business School Masters Programmes

Ceremony 3, 15:00pm:

Roehampton Business School MBA Programme


Thursday 28th September

Ceremony 4, 09:30am:

School of Life and Health Sciences, School of Psychology, MDIS

Ceremony 5, 12:15pm:

School of Education, QA, Aventis, Global College, European Business School, National College of Education, Schiller

Ceremony 6, 15:00pm:

School of Arts, School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Event Information

Invitations will be sent to students' personal email addresses this summer.

Please note you may receive your invitation prior to being awarded. Invitations are sent based on the predicted award date on your student record to allow all attendees adequate time to book.

Please refer to our FAQ section for detailed information. If you have any queries regarding your ceremony please contact the Graduation Office. The ticket booking system and gown and photography supplier are provided through our graduation partner Marston.

If you wish to purchase personalised merchandise, please visit the Campus Clothing store.

If you are unable to attend your ceremony and wish to defer to a future graduation, please complete our online deferral form.

Award Information

If you know you will not be awarded due to applying for a module deferral or requiring a resit, please do not book to attend. If you have any queries about your eligibility to attend please contact

If you have NOT been awarded yet and have queries about your submissions or awards board please contact your School Academic Services/Programme Administrator.
If you HAVE been awarded and have queries about your award or certificate please contact the Registry Team.

For Visa Queries

Your invitation email is the official communication from the University and can be used for visa purposes for both students and their guests.

If you are a Roehampton Online Student please consult the Centre for Student Success. If you are an EU Business School student, please contact Javier Rosero.


Receiving your Certificate

Certificates are not linked to a particular graduation ceremony but to University Awards and Progression Boards. The certificates are produced on a timetable depending when a student is awarded. It is therefore very important that your permanent address is kept up to date at all times of the year using the online facility.

Certificates are produced between six and eight weeks after each Board. For Roehampton Online students, your certificate will be posted by your Student Support Team. For further information please contact them on

For enquiries from campus based students, please email the Registry Team.


Please make sure your details are up to date.

As a graduate of the University of Roehampton you are welcomed into our larger community as one of our alumni. View more information regarding Roehampton Alumni and the associated benefits.