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Graduation Ceremony Update for all 2020 and 2021 Graduates.

We are pleased to announce that we are able to hold graduation ceremonies at the Royal Festival Hall for our graduates in September.

Ceremonies will take place on 1-3 September, under the following breakdown:

Wednesday 1 September (2021 Cohort):
Ceremony 1 at 9:30am:
•         Department of Psychology and Department of Social Sciences (excluding Law programmes)
Ceremony 2 at 1:15pm:
•         School of Arts
Ceremony 3 at 5pm:
•         QA Higher Education and QA Limited

Thursday 2 September (2021 Cohort):
Ceremony 4 at 9:30am:
•         School of Humanities and Department of Life Sciences
Ceremony 5 at 1:15pm:
•         Business School and Law programmes
Ceremony 6 at 5pm:
•         School of Education

Friday 3 September (2020 Cohort):
Ceremony 7 at 1:15pm:
•         School of Arts, Business School and Law programmes, School of Humanities and School of Education
Ceremony 8 at 5pm:
•        Department of Psychology, Department of Life Sciences and Department of Social Sciences (excluding Law programmes) 

Due to a large volume of graduates waiting to attend a ceremony and limited dates available to the University to book at the venue, these ceremonies will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Once we have hit capacity, we will not be able to release any further tickets however please be assured that you will be invited to one of the ceremonies in 2022.

Invitations have been sent on 26th July 2021. Please check your personal email address registered with the university by typing '' in your email address search bar.

If you are 2021 graduating student and wish to apply for our Graduation Gown Bursary, please complete this form before the 16th August.

If you are a 2020 graduate, attended our Graduate Celebration Events and opted to private hire a gown, you are eligible for a £10 reimbursement if you book to attend our September ceremonies. Please complete this form by 19th August. Please note you must book your gown for September at full cost and you will be reimbursed in lieu.

Please refer to our FAQ section for detailed information. If you have any queries please contact us on

2020 graduates will be invited to in person ceremonies at the Royal Festival Hall. Graduates will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of dates across the next three years. Information on how to reserve your date will be sent in the coming weeks. Please make sure your details are up to date.

As a graduate of the University of Roehampton you are welcomed into our larger community as one of our alumni. View more information regarding Roehampton Alumni and the associated benefits.


For Visa Queries:

Your invitation email is the official communication from the University and can be used for visa purposes for both students and their guests.

If you are a Roehampton Online Student consult the Centre for Student Success. If you are an EU Business School student, please contact Javier Rosero on

If you wish to purchase personalised merchandise, please visit the Campus Clothing store.

For any other enquiries relating to graduation, please see our FAQs or email


Receiving your Certificate

Certificates are not linked to a particular graduation ceremony but to University Awards and Progression Boards. The certificates are produced on a timetable depending when a student is awarded. It is therefore very important that your permanent address is kept up to date at all times of the year using the online facility.

Certificates are produced between six and eight weeks after each Board. For Roehampton Online students, your certificate will be posted by your Student Support Team. For further information please contact them on For enquiries from campus based students, please email