Roehampton University is committed to achieving equality for all students and staff. We make every effort to ensure that any interaction with the general public and outside organisations reflects this.

Web Accessibility

The University of Roehampton website is designed with accessibility in mind and we are actively making efforts to ensure that pages adhere to web accessibility guidelines. Due to the size of the website and the complexity of our organisation, this is an on-going process. We are working towards webpages being compliant with Level AA or Level AAA where this is possible.

Supported web browsers

The website has been developed and tested in a number of browsers and on a number of mobile devices to ensure compatibility. We recommend using a modern browser when viewing our website to get the best user experience.

If you are using an older browser you may find that pages do not display as intended. We recommend that you upgrade your preferred browser to the latest version.

Further information about customising your computer or browser for viewing websites accessibly can be found on the W3C’s website: Better Web Browsing: Tips for Customizing Your Computer.


Descriptive alternative text is used to explain images used on our webpages.


The website uses HTML headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to express document structure.


Hyperlinks are denoted using sensible wording and context to where they are linking and we aim not to use generic terms such as ‘click here’.

Font sizes

You can change the default font size of our website through your browser preferences.


You can zoom in and out of any page of the website using the Ctrl + and Ctrl - keys respectively (or the Command + and Command - keys on a Mac).


You can override the website’s colours by importing your own custom style sheet within your browsers preferences.

Printer-friendly pages

Pages on the website are designed to produce a ‘printer ready’ version, which strips out items such as menus, side bars and other navigational elements, focusing on page content.

Disabled students

The University provides disability and dyslexia support. If you have a specific enquiry contact Disability Services.

Library facilities

The Library works closely with the disability and dyslexia support team to enable access to resources.


Students with disabilities who are thinking of living in college accommodation are encouraged to contact our accommodation office to discuss their needs as early as possible: Email: Our accommodation pages have further information for students with disabilities.

Disabled staff members

The following Human Resources webpages cover issues relating to disability and equality for members of staff at Roehampton:


Our Disability and dyslexia support pages provide more information about the facilities available at the University. Contact us if you have a specific enquiry.

Contact us

If you have any queries concerning accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.