We celebrate the diversity of our University by serving the religious and spiritual needs of both our staff and students and by promoting dialogue and peaceful co-existence to all members of the community and beyond.

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With a focus on education we share our journeys through living, studying and working together. We offer a multi-faith chaplaincy with chaplains, associate chaplains, and chaplaincy community workers from a number of faith traditions. 

The Chaplaincy offers spiritual support for those seeking to follow specific faith traditions as well as those faiths not currently represented in our team. We seek to be open and approachable, embracing the motto ‘flourishing in faith and friendship’ and encourage students and staff to contact us with their needs so that we can listen, understand and make the appropriate provision.

As well as spiritual support we are also available to anyone exploring vocation, seeking community, or needing a listening ear.

On campus we offer faith spaces and opportunities for worship as well as cosy lounge areas available to all members of the university. These spaces are here for you to relax away from work and meet up with friends. (see Chaplaincy Map).

Alongside faith centred activities the Chaplaincy Team organises social events, lunches, and creative art projects, plus lots more.

Keep up with our events and activities by following us on social media.

Faith communities

Explore our faith communities for those following specific faith traditions. We're always looking for ways to embrace faiths not currently represented in our team.

The Chaplaincy Team includes a number of Christian Chaplains who offer numerous ways for students and staff to express, explore and engage with Christianity both on campus and online.  

Join the Roe Christian Community Facebook group for our full programme.

On campus, we have a number of chapels which are places of worship, gathering, hospitality and private devotion (see Chaplaincy map). 

We also have a Christian Student House that supports up to eight Roehampton students interested in exploring and experiencing intentional community life. Over the coming year this house will form a hub for much of our wider Christian activity focused on community and growth in faith. Each academic year students can apply to live in this home.

For more information download the Barat House brochure or contact one of our Chaplaincy Community Workers who will happily provide you with further details.

Finding a local church community

In the local area we have partner churches linked to the founding bodies of three of the four colleges that make up Roehampton University. Students are extremely welcome at these churches and our chaplains from these traditions will be happy to help make an introduction.

There are many other church communities in the local area and we are always happy to help you find the right church for you. 

We also have associate chaplains from other traditions including the Pentecostal church (contact Beatrice Gordon at and the Metropolitan Community Church (contact Shanon Ferguson at

Local church community group
Church of England:
(founded Whitelands)

Holy Trinity Roehampton
Anglican Chaplain, Rev Daniel Eshun:

Roman Catholic:
(founded Digby Stuart)

St Joseph’s, Roehampton
Catholic Chaplain, Ginny Jordan-Arthur:

(founded Southlands)

Putney Methodist Church
Methodist Chaplain, Rev Nicola Morrison:

Morning Prayer University of Roehampton

Morning Prayer

As part of our chaplaincy pattern of worship we encourage the practice of Morning Prayer.

You can partake from home with this video plus find daily readings to accompany your Prayer.

Our Islamic community is served by our Muslim

We are delighted to inform our students and staff that all our Prayer Rooms are open for use and are accessible with your ID card between 8.30am to 8pm. If your ID card does not provide access, please ask at the Nest to programme your card.

These rooms are rooted in the Islamic tradition and are therefore quiet spaces for worship, reading and contemplation. There are spaces in each of our four Colleges (see Chaplaincy Map).

Prayer Rooms are furnished with traditional accessories (prayer mats, head-coverings, turbah, tasbeeh, as well as copies of holy scripture). All spaces are shoe-free, and have wudu (ablution) facilities located in close proximity – see the information located in the respective locations mentioned below.

Prayer Rooms in:

Digby Stuart College – Howard Building, enter from H003

  •    Sisters,  H004
  •    Brothers, H005 - H006

Froebel College– Near Medical Centre

  •    Sisters, Old Court
  •    Brothers, Medical Centre Annex

Southlands College – Queen’s Building

  •    Sisters, QB 029
  •    Brothers, QB 054

Whitelands College – Parkstead House, enter from G021 or G022

  •    Sisters and Brothers, G022

Finally, for information on Muslim Chaplaincy events, activities and finding community please check out the UR Muslim Network

There are a variety of activities through the term, including A-Z of Islam forums, cooking sessions, social sport, iftari together for Ramadan, Eid celebrations as well as weekly Jummu'ah Prayers. Check out the Nest or social media for regular news and updates.

Friday Jummu’ah prayers are observed from 1-2pm in rooms Howard 003 – H006 (located in Digby Stuart College) and all students and staff are welcome to attend. Khutbah (sermon) commences 1.10pm.

Our Jewish Community is served by Associate Chaplain Rabbi Gavin Broder.

Rabbi Broder is one of Jewish Chaplaincy’s longest serving chaplains and works with university students around London. He arrived in the capital in 2000 after serving as the Chief Rabbi of Ireland and working as a rabbi in three other Jewish communities.

As part of his chaplaincy Rabbi Broder is proud to be able to offer students who are living in London the opportunity to come together for Friday Night Dinners

Chaplaincy services

In addition to as spiritual support we offer a range of other support services detailed below. These might be useful for anyone seeking community, or needing a listening ear.

We're here to offer support to everyone in the University, both staff and students, whether you come from a faith background or not.

There might be a particular issue you want to talk about (health, relationships, bereavement etc) or you might just feel in need of a general chat.

We're here to lend a listening ear and offer you time and space whenever you need it. We can also signpost other university services that might be useful.

In addition to pastoral care the Chaplaincy team offers a more formal listening service that is linked with the Wellbeing Team.

This service can be useful if you are struggling with an aspect of academic or non-academic life that is affecting your ability to study.

Listening service appointments can be a one-off or a series depending on need and last about 45minutes. Referrals to this service can be made by your college Wellbeing Officer or you can self-refer via an email to

Bereavement is something we all face at some time or other and can affect our lives in all sorts of ways. The Chaplaincy Team offers bereavement support and is available to you whether your bereavement is recent or in the past.

If you are experiencing bereavement and would like to talk please contact us, either in person or via send an email with the subject ‘bereavement’ to

Bereavement Resources

Here is a short video we developed during the pandemic on 'Coping with Bereavement in Isolation' which we hope will be helpful whether or not you wish for further support from the Chaplaincy Team.

Video: Coping with Bereavement in Isolation

In Memoriam: Wall of Remembrance 

If you are experiencing a loss you are invited to record the name of your loved one along with message here on our memorial wall.

Other resources for coping with bereavement:

On both our campus sites, there are a number of places set aside for quiet reflection. Whether you want to sit quietly, read, pray or light a candle, these spaces are for the use of both students and staff.

The University of Roehampton celebrates nature and there are some beautiful spaces on campus for us to enjoy.

On the University portal pages you will find ‘The Roehampton Mile’, a walk that will guide you through some of these spaces.

Here’s is a link to some Chaplaincy reflections to accompany this walk -
Reflections to accompany The Roehampton Mile

Contact us

For any general enquires about Chaplaincy at Roehampton, contact us on If you wish to speak with a specific chaplain please use the details below.