New Dance MA Programme: Global Dance: Politics, Identities and Institutions

The Department of Dance, University of Roehampton, is pleased to announce an addition to its MA Dance Cluster.  Applications are now being accepted for the MA Global Dance: Politics, Identities and Institutions programme which is in the process of validation.   

Posted: 24 April 2012

The MA Global Dance programme was developed in response to current dance practices and policies which prioritise funding to projects that engage with groups beyond the proscenium stage and advocate social relevance.  Students will engage with social and popular dance forms, community practices as well as investigating the ideological and social significance of theatrical dance forms.  This course critically interrogates complex interrelationships between dance, political policies, institutional practices and diverse identity constructions.  It is well suited for international study, enabling students to investigate dance practices in their home countries.  The course is aimed at those working in administrative or managerial capacities as well as supporting practitioners whose work engages with funding and institutional policy issues.




Applicants will be considered for scholarships (one AHRC award and two departmental bursaries).  For deadlines and details, please see www.roehampton.ac.uk//prospective-students/scholarships/


For further information, contact the course convener, Dr Stacey Prickett, s.prickett@roehampton.ac.uk, direct phone: 0208 392 3371


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