Centre for Research in Ecology Seminar Series 2017/2018

Seminars take place on Thursdays, 1 - 2pm, Richmond, room (1007).

28 Sep

Harry Marshall, University of Roehampton - Early-life conditions in banded mongooses

5 Oct

Adrian Barnett, National Institute for Amazonian Research, Brazil - Sloths, otters and uacari monkeys: 20 years of conservation-based ecological research in the Igapó flooded forests of Amazonia

12 Oct

Jonathan Green, University of Liverpool - Can tracking seabirds really help with conservation?

19 Oct

Antonia Ford, University of Roehampton - Genomic characterisation of wild tilapia populations

02 Nov

Caroline Spence, Queen Mary University of London - Are demographics a predictor of public belief in animal mind?

09 Nov

Andreas Fahlman, Fundacíon Oceanografíc, Spain - Cetacean conservation physiology: recent advances from technological innovations

16 Nov

Tom Houslay, University of Exeter - Untangling ‘coping styles’: individual and genetic variation in stress response

23 Nov

Alan McElligott, University of Roehampton - Perceptive and clever: the life of a goat

30 Nov Isabel Magalhaes, University of Roehampton - Ecology and genetics of adaptive radiations 
07 Dec Discussion Session